Friday, November 29, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged

Miragin released the breast he so lovingly attacked to look at her with heavily lidded eyes.  “Do you want this, Elisa?”  His fingers slid over her slit, unfurling streamers of heat within her core.

She arched into his touch.  “Yes, yes, please.”

The Imdiko slid up her body so that his mouth hovered just over hers, mingling their breath.  He rubbed over the soft petals of her womanhood, spreading the juices that flowed.  “Do you want me inside you?”

“Yes.  Oh God, yes.”

One thick finger probed, finding the entrance.  He circled it, and Elisa wept to be so close to the fulfillment she hadn’t known she was desperate for.  He hesitated, his intent purple eyes staring into hers.

Her words strangled with desperate need, she begged, “Please, Miragin.  I want ... I want...”

“Then you shall have,” he whispered, and his finger pushed into her.  

Elisa’s breath caught.  Everything froze in that instant, except for her pussy which clutched hard at the invader, as if to claim mine.  It drew on the digit as Miragin pressed in, swallowing with a rapacious hunger until the heel of his hand met her clit.

He paused, watching her as she absorbed the feeling of being filled.  A delicious sensation seized Elisa, as if this was the moment she’d waited her entire life for.  Her core continued to clutch at the finger, desperate to keep this wondrous feeling of being so intimately connected to another.

“How is it, my little beauty?” Miragin asked.

Elisa couldn’t begin to describe the excitement coursing through her body.  She didn’t even try.  Instead she whimpered, “More.”

He smiled, lighting his face in such a way that Elisa thought his beauty might make angels weep.  “Yes, sweet girl.  Much, much more.  You have a lot of lost time to make up for.”

He pulled his finger loose, and Elisa cried out in protest to fill the old emptiness return.  Before Miragin completely quit her, he pushed in again, this time rubbing his palm against her clit. 

Lances of sheer elation exploded within her core.  Elisa’s mouth flew wide open and her eyes squeezed shut as thrilling pulses took hold.  She clutched at Miragin’s hair, shoulders, and arms, unable to figure out what part she should hold onto as he continued to move his finger in and out.  He drew circles over her clit with the heel of his hand each time he filled her, leaving Elisa gasping as excitement burbled from that most delectable spot.

The Imdiko kissed her, his tongue stroking hers to draw it into his mouth.  She tasted him, this luscious man who made her feel so good.  More pleasure warmed her gut at the masculine flavor filling her mouth.  She even imagined she could detect the taste of his lust, his returned need.

She couldn’t imagine how anything could make her feel more complete than she felt right now.  Yet her insatiable body, awakened to hungers she’d never guessed at, kept insisting more.

Miragin complied with the unspoken request.  A second finger joined the first, sending elation into stratospheric heights.  The thickness pumped in and out of her, and Elisa spread her legs wide in welcome.  She gushed honey over the hand working her, easing the way for him to pleasure her as much as he would grant.  The telltale rise of passion had begun, promising the ultimate release soon.  She moaned into his mouth, entreating him to continue.

Later, Elisa would be amazed to realize how little she knew of her body’s abilities.  The amount of pleasure it could absorb would be astounding to fathom.  It was Miragin who gave her the first clue of that wondrous mystery.

His fingers curled within her so that they rubbed hard along the front of her sheath.  What she had thought of as arousal before disappeared in a thunderclap of sensation.  Her entire body seized at the fierce jolt of brutal excitement.  She forgot how to breathe.

“Easy, easy,” Miragin whispered, stroking that spot to make her writhe uncontrollably.  “That’s my girl.  I found something you like, didn’t I?”

Elisa couldn’t speak.  Her belly felt as if it swelled a thousand times larger with heated pressure.

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