Friday, November 8, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction (M/M)

“Up on your knees, my gorgeous Dramok.  Put that ass up in the air for me.”

Gelan obeyed.  Once more he was acutely aware of the open arches showing the display he put on, and his face heated as much as his spanked ass.  His lips wrinkled back in a snarl, but he kept quiet.  Maybe if he didn’t acknowledge the humiliation, Wynhod wouldn’t put him in an even more demeaning position.  One could always hope.

Embarrassed or not, his cocks were so hard they curved towards his belly.  When Wynhod grasped the primary one, Gelan couldn’t contain his shout.  Excruciating pleasure surged at the other man’s touch, and the heavy organ spat pre-cum.

“Oh, someone is very ready to be enjoyed,” Wynhod purred.  His hand slid slowly down to the base of the prick, making Gelan shout again.  Another surge of elation hit, and more juice escaped in near climax.  “You are right on the verge.  That’s all right.  I can take care of that.”

With that cruel promise, Gelan felt something constricting slide over both his cocks, snugging up tight at their bases, right up to his groin.  The grip was so tight it almost hurt.  He groaned in recognition.

“Damn it.  You just had to find that double cockring, didn’t you?”

Wynhod gave his ass a couple of not-so-gentle swats.  “I’m going to find it all, big boy.  It’s just a matter of what I decide to use on you.  Keep that ass in the air.  Don’t move.”

“Fuck,” Gelan whispered as Wynhod went back to sifting through the bins of playthings.  The cockrings were vises on his pricks, choking off the orgasm that wanted to happen.  A knot of need formed between the two aching organs, throbbing in agonized want.

Something behind the Dramok made a squirting sound.  That was followed by wet, squishy noises he recognized.  Wynhod had found something to shove up his ass and was lubing it.  With all the ass-friendly objects Gelan owned of different sizes and functions, the sky was just about the limit on what might be going in his butt momentarily.

“I take it you’ve used these things more on others than have been used on you,” Wynhod said conversationally.

“Not too many get the best of me,” Gelan acknowledged.  “Most fight fair,” he added, still smarting over the sneaky way Wynhod had taken him down.

“I don’t, and I make no apologies for it,” came the laugh.  “Let’s see how much you enjoy this.  Open wide.”

Gelan couldn’t help but obey.  Something hard and slick pressed against his anus, and he released tension to take it in.  Damn, it had been a while since he last had been overcome.  There was a slight ache as the dildo Wynhod had chosen slid inside him.  It was thick, about the width of a secondary dick.  Gelan realized it was also long as it kept entering, reaching deep inside him.

“Fuck.”  He knew which one Wynhod had decided to use on him.  The Nobek had found the extra long one which would vibrate right against his interior cum spot.  Son of a bitch.

“Recognize it?  Good.”

Without warning, the dildo switched on.  Gelan yelped as it buzzed gently against his hot button, sending slivers of ecstasy through his groin.  The excitement built quickly, delivering a deep kick of violent ecstasy.  Molten heat surged and Gelan cried out.  His body tried to come.  There was a thudding sensation between his cocks as rapture attempted to shove its way out of him.  The dual cockring held release at bay, damming it up.  The pressure felt horrendous.

The vibration switched off, leaving Gelan gasping and moaning.  Sweat had broken out all over his body.

“That’s good,” Wynhod whispered.  “I like seeing you like this.”

He grasped the end of the dildo and twisted it, simultaneously stretching Gelan’s tight sphincter muscles and grinding against his prostate.  Gelan screamed as white-hot rapture sizzled inside, still trying to break free.  His muscles trembled with the violent need to climax or escape.  He could do neither.

“That’s right.  Take it, Gelan.  Let me hear it.”

The dildo switched on again. Wynhod pressed the humming length tight to Gelan’s cum spot.  A brutal spike of pleasure speared his guts.  The Dramok shrieked as his cocks strained to release and failed.

It turned off.  The slithery sound of many strands of leather made him open his eyes.  Wynhod shook a palm-handled flogger in front of him, letting him see all the tails with knots tied at their ends.

“Still into pain with your pleasure, I take it?” the Nobek asked.

Gelan nearly did weep and make a liar out of himself for claiming he never did.  He’d like the coming beating fine if it weren’t for the cockrings turning his paradise into hell.  “Damn.  You’re going to make my dicks explode.”

Wynhod leaned down so Gelan could see his intense expression.  “You’re going to come screaming for me.  I promise it.”

The fierce, almost primitive expression on the Nobek’s face only made Gelan need to climax more.  To be at the mercy of such a feral creature...

The vibrator switched on again.  Gelan tensed as desperate want boiled through his loins, making all sense disappear.  Then a swishing sound joined the dildo’s hum, and hot stings dug into his already aching ass.  

Gelan lost all sense in the sweet torment of the next few minutes.  The vibrator pulsed insistently at his hot spot, filling him with cruel arousal.  Darting stabs of delicious pain peppered his ass and thighs as Wynhod plied his flesh with the flogger.  Occasionally he paused to grind the dildo deeper and harder, making brutal ecstasy pound Gelan’s churning insides.

The Dramok wanted to come.  He needed to come.  Damn it, he had to come or go insane.  But the rings kept the roiling lava in his groin from making its desperate escape, just as the cuffs and Wynhod’s toxic bite held Gelan helpless for the torment.

He screamed and wailed gorgeous misery for his captor’s delight.  Wynhod rewarded him with more luscious torture.  Between his shrieks, Gelan heard the Nobek gasping and growling as he grew more excited.

Gelan’s hands spasmed.  He had no strength in them, but he was able to curl his fingers in the sheets and gently clutch them in his fists.  The intoxicant in his system was wearing off.  In a few more minutes he’d be able to resist Wynhod’s commands.  He’d be able to pull those damned rings off his throbbing dicks and make himself come if it weren’t for the cuffs.  However, Wynhod stopped whipping him at that moment.  “Getting some control back, are you?” he growled.  “Good.  I wanted you to be on the verge of regaining yourself.  It will make my conquest that much better.”

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  1. You must have been reading my mind Tracy, Clan and Convictions is easily one of my favorite books and I had just started re-reading it last night.