Friday, November 1, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer (M/M)

Tranis sucked the Imdiko’s earlobe into his mouth, gently biting.  He circled one nipple with his thumb.  Degorsk’s breaths came in sobs as darts of pleasure zinged throughout his body, ending up pooling in his groin.  His dicks swelled until they felt fit to burst with the pressure.

His hips moved forward, making the tight grip Tranis still held on his primary cock slide to the base.  The rocking pulled Tranis nearly free of his ass.  The two different forms of friction had Degorsk’s eyes rolling in their sockets.  That felt good.  Really, really good.

He moved back, enclosing Tranis once more, his prick sliding through the Dramok’s fist nearly to the tip.  Something extraordinarily pleasurable was stroked inside him as Tranis filled him once more.  The hair stood up on his body.

He rocked forward and back again, trying a little more force.  Unfortunately, being trapped between his desk and Tranis wasn’t giving him much room to move.  The pressure against his interior hot spot was good, but it wasn’t enough.  Not by far.

His voice strangled with need, he looked into Tranis heavy-lidded gaze, beseeching the other man.  “Fuck me.  Please, Dramok?”

Tranis’ gaze on him was soft.  His hand moved to Degorsk’s shoulder and gently pushed him so the Imdiko’s stomach and chest rested on the desk.  Degorsk reached up and grasped the far edge.

Tranis pulled almost all the way out, then rammed in hard, his hand on Degorsk’s shoulder yanking him back to make the contact all the more forceful.  Degorsk’s breath left him in a rush as the hot spot inside finally got the pressure he wanted.  Molten heat filled his belly.  He cried out and lifted his butt higher, begging for more.

The Dramok answered his plea.  Flesh slapped against flesh loud enough to echo in the small room.  Again and again, Tranis pounded against that sensitive place inside, making Degorsk feel as if his guts were turning themselves inside out with ecstasy.  Meanwhile the firm fist worked his cock, making things inside draw up tight.  Degorsk sobbed and writhed, nearing crescendo.  He hung onto the desk for dear life.  A primitive part of his brain, the part that wanted to run from a hungry predator, scrabbled to escape.  It shouted at him to get away from the coming disintegration, that the climax would be too much.  Most of him welcomed the catastrophic release.

A deep voice, so kind and yet so dangerous at the same time, called to him.  “Let it go, Imdiko.  Surrender yourself now.”

As if his body belonged to the other, it bowed to his command.  There was an explosive unraveling deep in the pit of Degorsk’s stomach, and fiery heat unfurled.  It coursed in a molten stream through his dicks.  It fired through the primary one in thick, straining bursts.  The hand holding him there so tightly squeezed and pumped, squeezed and pumped, drawing hard to empty him of every shivering, ecstatic drop.  Bliss throbbed in almost painful pulses as the climax came to a slow, reluctant end.

Tranis groaned and drove in hard, grinding himself tightly against Degorsk’s buttocks.  The cock in his ass swelled, and the Dramok cried out.  Degorsk felt the steady rhythm of the other man’s release as he filled him with cum.  Then Tranis laid down over him, covering Degorsk with his body as the last of his pleasure drained into him.

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  1. Oh, my beloved Clan Tranis!!!! Thanks for this Wake-Up Call, Tracy: now I know what to (re)read this weekend!!!!! :) :) :)

  2. Me too. I almost forgot how much I love that book.