Wednesday, October 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

“This is my Imdiko, Matara.  His name is Govi,” Korkla said in his warm voice.

This would be the psychologist Israla had told her about.  Govi was a shrink with perfect, masculine features, as stunning as a male could be.  His face was not angular, like Korkla’s, nor cherubic, like Michaela’s.  He struck a perfect line down the middle, making his jaw and dimpled chin strong without being stark.  His cheekbones were well-formed without being haughty.  His long black hair lay smooth as glass halfway to his chest.

What a chest it was, delineated beneath that body-hugging outfit they called a formsuit.  Well, the attire certainly suited Govi’s form.  It was just a shade less perfect than Korkla’s, a bit more elongated and slender.  Not that Michaela would hold that against Govi.  No, he was just flat-out too stunning to be torn down by comparison.

“A drink, Matara?”  The man’s soft voice roused her from her contemplation.

She blinked, trying to escape the spell of the man’s beauty.  “Oh.  I don’t know if I should.  Israla already gave me some leshella.  I may have had too much already.”

Yes, she’d blame her tongue-tied reaction to the handsome Kalquorian on the drink.  It was as good an excuse as any to hang blunders on.

Govi smiled, making Michaela’s world tilt.  As if he wasn’t handsome enough, he had to go and do that, increasing his appeal to the most ridiculous degree ever.

He said, “Shel is a derivative of leshella, but not quite as potent.  A small glass of that shouldn’t hurt.”

Stunned by the gorgeous man in front of her, Michaela mumbled, “Okay, I guess.”

While he fetched a glass in which he poured a light blue liquid, Korkla steered her over to the mammoth lounger.  Michaela perched on the edge of it, her feet dangling a few inches from the flooring.  Korkla sat next to her.  He didn’t touch her, but he was close enough for her to feel his body heat and note the waft of cinnamon-like scent coming off him.

Israla had said it was the aroma of Kalquorian arousal.  Could that really be true?  Why in the universe would this man find her attractive?  Maybe Israla had lied when she’d said this clan was fully aware of Michaela’s true form.

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