Friday, October 11, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – The Font

He kissed her again, as sweetly as one could hope from a solicitous lover.  “You’ll be fine, Naya.  I will not harm you.”

She held still as he bound her wrists together.  Then he stretched the cord to a thin pine tree a foot away, tying it off around the trunk.  Elisha came back and stood over her.

“You are beautiful, Naya, tied helpless for my pleasure.”  His eyes on her were avid and bright in the light of the full moon.  He knelt down, spreading her legs so they straddled his thighs.  

Naya was suddenly very aware of her sex being open, that he was seeing her most intimate parts.  She was utterly exposed to him, with no way to hide.  She instinctively pulled at the rope, wanting to cover herself against the vampire sight she knew penetrated the shadows so well.  Elisha could see at night as clearly as she did in the daylight.  

“You will remain open to me,” he said quietly.  “Stop trying to close your legs, Naya.”

She was pressing against his thighs she realized, attempting to shield her too vulnerable sex from his view.  She drew a deep breath and made herself relax.

“Much better,” he said, and his approval warmed her as his kiss had.  “Now remain absolutely still.”
Naya had never known how difficult remaining motionless could be until his fingers began tracing her nether lips with a light, teasing touch.  She seized at the sensation, everything below the waist spasming in reaction.  Her hips jerked.

“Naya,” came Elisha’s deep voice, the tone disapproving.  “You said you’d obey.  Now do not move.”
She’d heard Heriolf utter profane phrases that she thought might fit this occasion just fine.  Don’t move indeed!  And how was she to accomplish that when his fingers were so talented?  When he was touching places that brought darts of excruciating pleasure driving her insides to bubble and roil?

Naya bit her lips together and concentrated on keeping her hips still.  She couldn’t do anything about the trembling that suffused her body, not when Elisha was so carefully tracing every fold, every petal of her womanhood.

She could feel honey flowing from her, making those tormenting fingers slide easily over her flesh.  She peered at Elisha, wondering what he was thinking as he played with her.

Their eyes met, and he deliberately withdrew his hand to slowly suck her juices from his fingers.  The groan that came from Naya was embarrassingly loud.

“I agree,” he said, one corner of his mouth lifting as he reached to fondle her anew.  “It’s not just your blood that is delicious.”

He dipped into her well to gather moisture, which he spread all over her sex.  When his fingers brushed her clitoris, it took all her willpower to not writhe in response.  But her trembling grew more powerful, especially as he continued to rub that eager bit of flesh.  Pleasure curled in tight coils, reaching from where his fingers made contact to deep in her belly.  Naya’s breath came quickly as the delight grew.  Little whimpers escaped from between her clenched teeth.

Elisha said nothing, just continued the sweet torment that had chills racing up and down Naya’s spine.  Bliss billowed in ever greater swells within her lower body, fed by the hard calloused pads of his fingers on her swelling nub.  Even as the gorgeous heat ballooned it also seemed to draw tight, spiraling into a taut strand until she could feel it fraying.

The friction of his fingers and thumb was bringing the ecstasy closer.  It was nearly there, drawing near, reaching for her, ready to snatch her into its un-gentle embrace.  Naya welcomed it, strained for it while forcing herself to remain still for Elisha’s decadent attentions.  The first lick of a small flame sparked, followed by a second.  Oh, here it was, the beginning of that wondrous ravaging inferno, ready to devour her, on the verge of consuming her every sense…

Elisha halted and withdrew, leaving her to hang helplessly on the pinnacle of release.  She made a mewling sound and strained towards him.  She was so close!  

“Elisha?” she gasped, panting as he sat so very still watching her.


“Why are you stopping?”

“I don’t want you to come yet.”

She stared at him in shock.  Her sex was clamoring for his touch.  Just one last little brush and she’d drown in bliss.  “But – but why not?”

“It pleases me to deny you orgasm for now.”

“But I want it!  Please, Elisha.”

“I know you want it.”  He smiled, and it was a dark, forbidding smile.  “You were almost there too.  I could feel it.  I want to make you wait.  I want control over you in this.”

“But … but…”

“You said you’d obey.  Now be still.  I’ll give you pleasure when I’m ready.  Not before.”

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