Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge

            Meanwhile, Ospar leaned back so that he knelt between Iris’ legs.  He lifted one by the ankle, holding it so that her toes pointed to the ceiling.  Jol knelt beside him and pointed a small, black wand-shaped instrument towards their coupled sexes.  He spoke in his own language.  A floating vid suddenly appeared over and to one side of Iris’ head.
            At first she wasn’t sure what she was looking at.  Dark brown and peach white filled the vid.  Then Ospar’s hips moved back, dragging his cocks from her with delicious friction.
            Iris gasped.  The vid showed the sexes of a man and woman joined, the man’s two cocks emerging glistening from the woman’s pussy and ass.  Ospar’s cocks.  Her pussy and ass.  Jol was showing her how the Dramok fucked her.
            Viewing pornography on Earth was an offense that could get one thrown in prison.  Iris instinctively shut her eyes and turned her face away.
            Rivek’s breath was sweet and warm on her face.  “No, little Iris.  It is a beautiful sight.  Look.  See him making love to you.”
            Ospar encouraged her as well.  “It’s all right.  I want you to watch.  Look at us forged together, Iris.”
            His tone was gentle, but the command that underlay it made her eyes pop wide open.  Before she could think about what she was doing, she looked again, obeying him.
            Those long, thick lengths were still drawing out of her, sliding with agonizing delight against her clutching sheaths.  The lips of her pussy protruded, engorged and a deep rose color that blatantly exposed her desire.  Her clit was swollen, stretching out, begging to be stroked.
            The ends of the cocks were narrowing, drawing close to their tapered ends.  Ospar stopped.  “Now,” he said, his raspy voice becoming more gravelly.  “Now watch your sweet body surrender to mine.”
            The Dramok pressed slowly back in, and Iris moaned as she both felt and saw the invasion.  Her ass widened with the growing circumference of the dark brown cock feeding into it.  Thick cream exuded from her pussy as the other cock slipped back into its snug confines.  She watched her trembling sex and ass take the double impalement at once until Ospar’s loins snugged tight up to hers.
            He watched her watching the vid.  “Good girl,” he said, and she warmed under the approval.  “You like seeing what I’m doing to you.  I can tell.”
            “Yes,” she whispered, her eyes still riveted to the vid.
            “You like seeing my cocks moving in and out of you.”
            Ospar started that slow, sensational drawing out again.  Iris moaned as their sexes came into view once more.  He was fucking her.  She was watching it.
            “You like feeling me inside you.”
            He pressed back inside, and she watched him disappear into her.  He was moving against that interior spot, the place where it felt like the friction melted something inside, making her hot and molten.
            “You like that Rivek and Jol are watching me fuck you.”
            Iris’ breath caught.  The other two men were indeed watching, seeing everything.  She had an instant of wanting to hide.  It was too much, she was too exposed.  But there was nowhere to go, no way to escape.  They surrounded her, and Ospar’s grip on her ankle was like iron.
            Helpless.  Vulnerable.  Displayed.
            Iris’ insides clenched in abrupt and violent arousal.  She arched with a cry. 
            Ospar’s voice was deeper than ever.  “Yes.  They are looking at your beautiful pussy and ass as I fill them.  They see how you respond to me fucking you.  They will take their turns with you too, and you will let them.  You want them to.”
            “Yes!”  The word flew from Iris’ lips without her realizing she was going to say it.  Once more her vision was filled with the sight of the Kalquorian’s cocks working in and out of her, moving smoother and faster.
            He abruptly stilled, crammed deep.  He ground against her, rubbing her clit.  Sharp delight shivered through her pussy and she cried out, thrusting her hips, trying to make harder contact.  As the delightful sensations filled her lower body, the vid picture widened out.  Iris could see herself in full now, her mouth opened wide and her eyes half-lidded in an expression of pure lust.  Ospar loomed over her, dark and huge.  She looked so pale, tiny, and defenseless beneath him, and again a surge of elation overtook her.
            Ospar began thrusting once more, harder and stronger than before, sending blasts of erotic ecstasy billowing through her.  Iris watched him both before her and in the vid, amazed at the sight of all those muscles rippling through his body as he took her.  She’d never seen anything so raw and beautiful.
            “Look how easily you take me now,” he invited her.  “Your body has yielded totally to mine.  I claim it, Iris.  It belongs to me now.”
            “Yes,” she groaned.  She wanted to give everything up to him. 
            His body slapped against hers, driving bliss in larger and larger waves through her body.  Her breasts bounced with the force of his thrusts.  She looked wanton and sinful, accepting the alien’s eager needs and bowing to her own base drives.
            The friction grew hotter and stronger inside her passage, rubbing that electrical spot over and over.  Iris’ excitement grew.  Orgasm loomed, hurrying towards her.  Her every breath ended in a sob.

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