Friday, October 4, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

She said another phrase she’d worked on last night.  “Yof dif.”  I am yours.

Conyod smiled.  “Thank you, my Ray-Ray.”

He bent back to her breasts.  The hand that had pinched earlier now caressed, the calloused pads rubbing with delightful gentleness.  It was his mouth that held Rachel’s attention, however.  She tensed as his teeth closed over her vulnerable nipple this time.  Pressure.  A sliver of pain.  The bite was gentle, not even enough to leave a mark.  And the smart was powerfully exciting.  When he released her, she thrust the throbbing flesh up towards his mouth again.

Conyod chuckled, and the sound was gorgeously evil.  “Definite positive reaction to the pleasure and pain dynamic.  Now let’s see how you like this.”

His mouth went to the other breast this time, his hand molding it to fit as much as possible inside.  He sucked hard, as if he’d devour the entire mound.  There were teeth again, pressing firmly against her flesh.  He dragged them all the way to the tip as he painfully released the breast.

Rachel’s breath came in gasps.  Again, Conyod had not broken the skin, had not added marks to her already marred body.  It had hurt this time, really hurt.  She was clutching the sleeping mat over her head in handfuls in reaction.  It had been the only way to not try to push him off.

But damn, it had aroused the hell out of her too.  Knowing he’d held back when he could do so much more, that he was careful to not inflict real damage while letting her know who was in charge … wow.  Fucking grade-A incredible.

Conyod had paused and watched her closely.  “More?” he asked.

For an answer, Rachel twisted her body slightly, offering him the other breast.  Damn straight she wanted more.  She wanted it all.

“Let’s see how you respond to being controlled along with the pain.”

He reached up and wrapped his hand around her wrists, pinning them in a firm grip.  She’d already been pretty much at his mercy with her feet and ass in the air, her body immobile beneath his weight.  Now she was utterly helpless, with no defenses left.

I wish I could show those fools back on Earth what I’m letting this guy do to me.  They thought I was rebellious before.  They had no idea.

Conyod filled his mouth with her other breast, and made it throb like he had the first with those wonderfully cruel teeth.  Rachel’s head tossed from side to side, her body a riot of arousal and agony.  As soon as his mouth left her flesh, he searched her face.

“Still good, my lovely?”

So good, you big, strong beast of a man.  Don’t you dare stop.  She tried to communicate the message with her eyes.

Some of it must have gotten through, because his expression warmed.  “Could you be any more perfect, Ray-Ray?” he whispered.

Conyod moved up to catch her lips with his.  The shift brought her butt completely off the sleeping mat, putting her weight on her upper back.  The Imdiko’s hard lengths settled against her pussy, and she groaned to feel him right there.  She tried to wriggle against him in an effort to rub her needy flesh all over his, but she couldn’t move.

His kiss was demanding, hungry.  Rachel moaned at the assertive, almost aggressive way he devoured her mouth, his tongue sweeping in to declare her his.  She was being claimed.

Conyod broke the kiss and stared into her eyes.  “Are you ready for me, my love?”

His cocks throbbed with his pulse, hot and eager against her.  Rachel thought of how endowed he was and how ruthless he’d already been.  Her lower parts convulsed in nervous anticipation.  She nodded.

Conyod’s gaze never left her face as he reached down.  He shifted slightly, not enough to let Rachel move from her vulnerable position, but enough so that he could arrange his cocks to enter her pussy and anus.  The tapered tips slid inside her just a bit, and her breath caught.

At last.  He was finally going to fuck her.

“Relax.  Deep breaths.  Let me in,” he said.

Pressure built against her openings as Conyod pushed against her.  His cocks slipped in, aided by their combined wetness.  Both Rachel’s sheaths started to ache as the Kalquorian grew thicker towards the base of his organs.  He was so big!

“Almost, Ray-Ray.  Just a bit more.  Take it, lovely.  Take it all.”

She clenched her fists, trying to channel all the tension there, forcing her lower parts to remain soft and accepting.  Conyod pressed in steadily, not too fast but not letting up for an instant either.  Pushing her to surrender to him.

“Don’t fight it.  Give yourself over.  Submit to me.”

Rachel wanted to and battled to make herself pliant.  She groaned as the ache of accepting him grew.  It was almost pain, but he was rubbing really sensitive parts too, parts that felt as good as taking that incredible girth hurt.

An excruciating blast of sensation burst through Rachel’s belly, and she seized up.  That brought real pain, particularly from her stretched anus, and she cried out.  Conyod stroked her cheek gently.

“Easy, Ray-Ray.  I bumped your cervix.  Relax, pretty girl.  Relax and let yourself adjust to me.”

Rachel whimpered, but she tried to make her body go limp.  It wasn’t easy to do so, but by degrees the tension slid away.  The blast of agony dulled to a throb.

Conyod held absolutely still as she recovered.  “Deep breaths.  That’s my girl.”

Discomfort eased to where desire returned.  Rachel breathed as she was told and considered the situation.

Conyod still held her wrists over her head.  Her knees were at her ears.  Her ass was in the air with the weight of the big Kalquorian pinning her down.  She had a huge cock buried in her pussy and a smaller, but still sizeable one up her ass.  All things considered, it had turned into a pretty good day.


  1. Question for you Tracy, will the three Kalq's mentioned in Prequel to Redemption be coming back later as a clan or in clans?

    1. Sojan and Cincad will return in 'Brianna's Clan', which will probably not come out until 2015. The commanding officer who was mentioned in that story will not be in it, or will be only a minor character.