Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday – First Mataras: Michaela

 The big man spoke in a voice much softer than Michaela had expected from this giant who stood at least a foot taller than her.  As he bowed, he said, “Good evening, Saucin Israla.” 

There were two more men behind him, and Michaela goggled at them.  They were also giants, and one bulged with so much muscle she couldn’t help but stare.

She recognized them from the belly dancing exhibit she’d put on with her friend Jessica only an hour earlier.  There had been four Kalquorian clans present at the show, four potential groups of men to seduce into taking them off Earth-blockaded Plasius.  These three had sat at one end of the stage.  They’d been the most appreciative of the clans, howling and applauding her dance with unrestrained enthusiasm.  Michaela had caught herself doing her most salacious moves for them, too caught up in the dance of Raqs Sharqi to be inhibited.

Now she stood face to face with them, shaking as the leshella’s effects waned before her terror.

The one who had answered the door had shoulder-length black hair that was almost like a cloud with its frizzy texture.  All that soft-looking cotton candy hair framed a face made of sharp angles, the bone structure finely cut.  It wouldn’t have been a handsome face, except for the warmth that exuded from his expression and eyes.  The kindness in the Kalquorian’s face made him quite appealing.

As for the body covered in the clinging black formsuit the alien male wore ... that was sheer perfection.  Michaela’s mouth went dry to see such blatant muscularity, the likes she’d never seen except on Earther soldiers who’d been fed steroids.  Even they couldn’t compare with the gorgeous, balanced physique of this man. 

Israla’s smooth voice barely registered as Michaela looked at the man before her.  “Good evening once again, Dramok Korkla.  I’ve brought someone to meet you.”

Dramok.  That means he’s the leader of the clan, Michaela thought, one of the few things her brain spat out with clarity.  The Kalquorian was already looking at her, his beautiful blue-purple eyes with their cat-like pupils taking her in.  Her, not the beautiful, powerful, and sexually adventurous Israla.  How could he stare at her as if Israla did not even exist?

He bowed once more, this time to Michaela.  She was aware of the other two doing so as well, but for the moment, her sight and hearing were all Korkla’s as he spoke.

“Matara Michaela, this is a pleasure.  I cannot begin to express how much we enjoyed your dance tonight.”

Somehow, she remembered how to speak.  Her voice was even more than a whisper, though not by much.  “Thank you.  I’m glad you liked it.”

“Please do come in.”  Korkla and the other two stepped back to allow her entry.

When Michaela hesitated, Israla slipped an arm around her.  The Saucin gave her a gentle but firm push towards the room beyond.

The leader of Plasius said loud enough for all to hear, “I have other duties to attend to.  Take your time getting acquainted.”  Then she leaned to whisper in Michaela’s ear.

“Do you smell that spicy scent?”

A sharp aroma teased Michaela’s nostrils.  “Like cinnamon?  Oh, I guess you don’t know what cinnamon is.”

Israla was content to know she had picked up the singular scent.  “That’s the aroma of a Kalquorian’s arousal.  So now you know they are very interested in you.”

Before Michaela could absorb that little nugget of information, Israla turned and swept away, leaving her alone with the three alien men.  Michaela watched her go, her mouth hanging open.  It occurred to her that perhaps running after the Saucin might be a good idea.

A large but gentle hand closed around Michaela’s upper arm and pulled her towards the clan’s quarters.  She crossed the threshold and the door shut behind her.  She was in the room, alone with three huge alien men.   

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  1. Michaela has an inferiority complex a mile wide. It's serendipity that the clan most interested in her would be the best clan for her!

  2. Michaela is one of my favorite characters! Can't wait!