Friday, September 27, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten Twice Dead

I clambered onto the desk and assumed the position he’d commanded, grabbing my ankles and holding myself wide.  He sat down in the chair so that his head and shoulders hovered over my eager sex.  He looked like a man sitting down to an All-You-Can-Eat buffet, and I was open for business.  Oh, I should be so lucky.

Tristan regarded today’s special, his eyes darkening ever closer to black.  My breath caught as his fingers caught the edges of my womanhood and spread me open even more.  I shuddered in anticipation as his face dipped down and his tongue peeked from his mouth.

The delicate touch that slid over my trembling nether lips brought a groan from my throat.  Oh glory, hallelujah.  I gushed what must have been a river in reaction.

He lapped slowly at me, like a contented cat with a bowl full of cream.  Pun intended.  Good heavens, with the continued ache from his discipline and the pure pleasure of his mouth on me, my eyes were rolling fit to fall out of my head.  Tristan started from the opening of my sex and licked all the way up to my clit, bringing cries from me each time.  He went at me like he had all eternity to feast on me like that.  If the spanking hadn’t brought tears of reaction from me already, I’d be crying from this.   My stomach executed flips and rolls with every careful lap of his tongue.  Talk about exquisite torture.  The man knew how to make my insides twist.

After several minutes of this delight, he switched tactics.  Tristan still performed those languorous laps, but each time he got to the straining bud full of nerves, he sucked the engorged flesh deep into his mouth, his tongue rolling it around like a piece of candy.  My fists clenched my ankles in twin death grips and I cried out in reaction.  When my uncontrollable moans began to bleed one into the next, Tristan released my clit to start another slow lick.

When his mouth closed on that engorged nubbin again I had to sob, “Please, Sir.  May I come?”

Instead of answering, Tristan captured my clit between his teeth.  He lashed it from side to side with his tongue, and my insides ballooned tighter than a drum as climax swelled within me.  My whole body quaked, and the effort not to orgasm had me screaming between clenched teeth.  “Please, Sir!  Please!”

He drew back, letting my desperate sex free.  He simply sat there watching me fight to maintain control.  My Master looked so pleased with himself as I blinked out oceans of tears.

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