Friday, September 20, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Alien Interludes, Abduction

Egilka chuckled and kissed her lips with slow thoroughness.  Clajak opened the sheath she wore down the front, and his hot hand cupped a breast.   His erections pressed hard against her thigh.  They were taking advantage of her helplessness.

No fair, she thought, but she’d always loved being at their questionable mercy.  She grew wetter as Bevau worked his way up her leg, his destination obvious.  She wondered if Flencik would approve of the activity.

I approve.  Most definitely.

Egilka’s tongue was rough, raw silk in her mouth, tasting her as if he hadn’t done so millions of times already.  Clajak’s equally educated tongue delighted one breast, bringing the peak to taut attention while his hand traced the areola of the other.  Bevau had reached the apex of her thighs, his breath wafting gently over her smooth mound as he spread her legs wide apart to open her.

Fingers and tongue lightly traced her most sensitive flesh.  Unable to move, Jessica could only experience the delight of her men sampling her all over.  It was sweet, this complete helplessness that left her free to enjoy the attention without the need to reciprocate.  After her ordeal, Jessica refused to feel guilty about her selfishness.  

Bevau pressed a finger into her womanhood, filling her gently while his tongue flicked over her clit sporadically.  He knew too well how to tease her until she ached for orgasm without sending her over.  They all did.  Jessica sighed into Egilka’s mouth as sparks flew from the Nobek’s calculating touch.

Egilka pulled back and smiled down at her.  “This silence and stillness of yours is putting a new spin on lovemaking.  Even gags and cuffs can’t keep you this immobile or quiet.”

“She has other ways of telling us how much she’s enjoying herself,” Clajak chuckled.  He pinched her erect nipple to prove his point.  The slight sting made Jessica’s nether regions throb harder than ever.  “How is she down there, Bevau?”

“Extremely wet.”  He pressed a second finger into her.  His thumb, slick from her juices, circled her anus.  “But then she’s getting everything she likes best:  held helpless, a little pain, unable to protest, and me.”

That incited a lot of laughter, and Jessica couldn’t help but grin at her Nobek mate.  Unlike most of his fierce breed, Bevau had a side of him that was all clown.

I’ve missed you all.  Mom was right.  We do have to make time for each other more often.

As if picking up on her thoughts, Clajak said, “It’s been too long since we got together like this.  I want us to make more of an effort to bond as we should.  It’s embarrassing that Earth Mom had to remind us.”

“Agreed,” Egilka answered.  “We have our duty to the empire, but we also have a duty to each other.  We must make our clan a priority.”

Their conversation was fading to the background for Jessica, because Bevau’s fingers inside her had picked up the pace.  His tongue flicked her eager nubbin as he plunged in and out, sending bursts of pleasure through her belly.  She wanted to move, wanted to take him deeper and force more contact with his mouth, but it was no use.   She could only lay there and take it as he worked her to the edge of bliss and kept her poised at the edge of crescendo.

The other two were just as wicked, each man suckling hungrily at her breasts.  Nips and licks made her peaks tight with need.  Their fingertips traced her belly, throat and face, finding unexpected erogenous zones.

“You’re so swollen, my sweet,” Bevau paused to whisper.  His tongue swirled around her clit, tantalizingly close to the tip where the slightest touch would send her into ecstasy.  Instead he tormented her, not giving her the contact he knew she wanted.

Jessica lay frozen beneath their attentions, desperate to beg for release, unable to do so.  She damned them for their cruelty even as she delighted in it.

Pleasure ballooned in her womb, stretching her coiled insides tighter yet.  So close.  And still her mates kept her at the precipice, not allowing her to plunge into the rapture she now so desperately wanted.

They might keep her here for hours, she thought, teasing her without mercy.  They were enjoying her helpless condition way too much. 

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