Friday, July 5, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged

The Dramok kissed her again.  It was not as tender as his first kiss had been.  Instead of quiet coaxing, his mouth took Elisa’s in absolute demand.  His hand cupped the back of her head, giving her no way to escape.

Her brain seared clean of all thought.  Even when Zemos pressed her down and to one side so that she lay with her head pillowed on Miragin’s thigh, there was no thought.  The mouth on hers, plundering with no restraint, the hand that slipped between their bodies to cup her breast, the pair of hands that slid up her inner thighs ... it was all sensation that filled her with need while blasting away lucidity.

Wondrous, terrible enthrallment seized Elisa.  Lips, teeth, and tongue drank from her mouth.  Hands massaged her breasts and plucked delightfully at her swollen nipples.  The hands moving up her thighs stopped at their apex, framing her pussy while thumbs rubbed her panties right over her clit.

Bright shards of blinding pleasure zapped through her every place they touched.  The fiery blasts gathered deep in her core, mounting quickly with every stroke, every caress, every rub.  Elisa’s insides bubbled and roiled under their ministrations.

She couldn’t think and didn’t care.  Nothing mattered but the long-awaited fire, the feeling of finally having others touch her.  The question of right or wrong never occurred to Elisa, not when there was so much need.  It was as if she’d been starved all her life and then brought before a neverending banquet and told to eat as much as she wished.  Her body gorged on the sumptuous feast of hands and mouths touching, touching, touching – and every contact filled her as she’d never been filled before.

The thumbs massaging the aching bud of womanhood moved away to slid under the edges of her panties.  The man down there – Elisa thought it was Oret –  was actually in contact with her sex.  Feeling the calloused pads of his thumbs sliding up her wet slit, homing in on her inflamed clit made her scream in Zemos’ mouth.  His kiss only deepened in response.

The rough thumbs trapped her engorged nubbin between them.  They moved back and forth, stroking gently yet firmly.  The pulsing ache there became a strident bellow of desperation. 

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  1. Wow!Like it isn't hot enough around here. Just Wow!

  2. Oh dear lord.....I need a drink....and some ice!!!