Friday, July 19, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 1: Alien Embrace (2nd Edition)

            At last he stopped, his gasps loud in the small room.  He looked down at where they joined, his pupils so wide that only the slightest touch of purple outlined them.  Amelia had never seen anyone so beautiful as Rajhir was in this moment of sublime joining.
            “Warm,” he breathed, his face rapturous with sensation.  “So warm and soft.  You are a wonder, my little one.”
            His tone was one of absolute reverence.  It startled and moved Amelia.  No one had ever spoken to her that way.  The Dramok caressed her face, his fingers trembling minutely, as if he touched a holy relic.
             Kneeling upright between her thighs, Rajhir’s hips rocked against Amelia’s.  He moved easily within her, and the delicious friction within both her passages made her arch against him in reaction.  Flencik bent over her to caress her face and breasts.  She gripped the Imdiko’s shoulders, desperately needing something to hang onto as heat built quickly within her belly.  Her legs wrapped around Rajhir’s waist of their own free will, giving her the leverage to buck against him, to drive deep him inside.  The Dramok responded to her need with a growl, pumping his hips harder and faster.  He gripped her buttocks in both hands, squeezing the pliable flesh to hold her still as he plunged even deeper into her flesh. 
            Flencik shifted to watch his leader dive into Amelia’s body and emerge glistening.  Breft also stared, his wet lips parted.  Far from being self-conscious, Amelia’s excitement grew as they watched Rajhir take her, as their close-fitting formsuits betrayed their arousals.
            I can't do anything to stop them, Amelia thought.  The full weight of her helplessness against these creatures fell upon her.  No matter how she might struggle or beg, they would do as they pleased with her because they knew she wanted it.  The realization fed her desire and tipped her over the edge.
            Orgasm exploded through her with pure electric warmth.  She cried out and hung onto Flencik as Rajhir rocked steadily inside her.  In time with his rhythm, wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her, shattering her into a million pieces.  She screamed peals of ecstasy.
            Slowly Amelia came down from the high of the incredible climax.  Even as her body calmed, Rajhir's continued lovemaking kept her pleasure at a steady hum.  She'd never come more than once during each episode of sex before and doubted she would this time either.  Still, she enjoyed the sensation of having Rajhir move inside her.  She glowed with the aftereffects of the sublime release.

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