Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged (WIP)

Walker was a young man, even by Earther standards, but he had an old look on his face.  As usual, Zemos felt an unwelcome stab of pity for his captor.  Walker was the enemy, but he was the nicest enemy the Dramok had ever encountered.  It seemed odd to wish the man who had demolished Zemos’ destroyer and taken his surviving crew prisoner was an asshole.  The Kalquorian wished for nothing more than to be able to hate Walker as easily as he hated Remington, but the damned man wouldn’t grant him the luxury.

Walker looked at Remington with tired disgust.  “You were reminding them of their place by killing them?”  He snorted with derision.  “I’m sure after they’re dead they’ll accord you all the respect you can wish for.  Get back to the observation post.”

Remington looked aghast.  “You want me to leave you alone with them?”  As if he hadn’t done that very thing with the much more helpless Elisa.

Walker tapped the containment field, and a flare of bright yellow light made Zemos squint.  “Since you weren’t foolish enough to drop the field, I think I will be fine.  Out, Ensign.  At the end of your shift, you may report to your superior for disciplinary measures.  I will inform him of your dangerous actions with the prisoners.”

“Yes sir.”  His face angry and embarrassed, Remington holstered his blaster and field disruptor.
Walker watched him slouch out of the room, waiting for Remington to get out of earshot before turning his attention to Zemos and his clan.  He sighed as he met the Kalquorian’s eyes.

“My apologies to you and your clan, Captain Zemos.  I am glad none of you were hurt.”

Zemos spoke to him much as he might a member of his own crew who had committed an infraction.  “That one should be watched most carefully, Captain Walker.  He is trouble not only to us but to members of your own crew.”

Release tentatively set for October.

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  1. I'm so excited for October! Thank you for another amazing book, Tracy!