Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WIP Wednesday – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged

Threads of gray wove themselves in his head full of messy curls.  Wide, intelligent eyes often sparkled even though he was a prisoner.  Elisa’s favorite feature on Miragin was his plump lips, sumptuous to the point of decadence.  She often wondered what it would be like to kiss that delicious-looking mouth.  He was also the least intimidating of the men, several inches shorter than the other two and built more like a long-time runner than a muscled powerhouse.  The youngest of the three at a century and a quarter, Miragin had a dreamier aspect.  Elisa imagined him taking long walks as he mused the concerns of his world.  Any time the Earther guards were present, Zemos and Oret kept their bodies between them and Miragin, determined to shield the Imdiko from all harm.

Oret came forward again to accept another dish from Elisa, passing this one to Zemos.  “You prepared these meals yourself?” he asked in his wolf-growl voice.

She nodded.  “Yes, Nobek Oret.”

He nodded and took the final tray from her.  Oret’s demeanor was often one of suspicion, and Elisa knew he didn’t trust anyone else to cook his clan’s food.  In those cases, he ate first and insisted Zemos and Miragin not touch their meals until an hour after he’d finished his.  His distrust of their captors hadn’t been shaken in three months though no one had attempted to poison the trio.

Even at the beginning of their imprisonment, Oret had been more relaxed with Elisa.  After the first two days of her bringing their meals, he’d relaxed his dictates to the other two that they wait to eat until he felt confident of the food’s safety.  Elisa thought it was because she was a woman that Oret trusted her to the extent he did.  She’d often thought about telling him he really should know better, but she liked that the fierce Nobek felt confident of her motives.

Miragin had already started eating the chicken stir-fry, practically inhaling the pile of food she’d made for him.  Between mouthfuls he said, “Delicious as always, Matara Elisa.  Thank you so much for preparing our food.”

Elisa closed the window in the containment field, smiling at his praise and obvious enjoyment of his dinner.  She glanced down the corridor towards the guard’s room.  There was still no sign of anyone coming to join her, and she knew she should get going.  Yet her whole day revolved around stolen moments such as these.

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