Friday, June 28, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – To Protect and Service: Ravenous Virtue

He drew out a thick, padded blue cylinder with a black handle that fit in his big hand.  His thumb touched a button and it hummed.  

A vibrator.  Not like any she’d seen on Earth, but there was no doubt in Raven’s mind that was what Vendeen was bringing towards her trembling pussy.

“Remain absolutely still,” he told her.  He lowered the tip of the instrument, aiming for her engorged clit.

Raven already couldn’t move, but she felt additional heaviness weigh her body down.  All she could do was watch as the vibrator bore down on her.

The toy touched her clit, its thrum quivering the erect button.  Nearly brutal elation shot through Raven’s pussy, filling her womb to bursting with pleasure.  She shrieked in reaction, and the vibrator moved away.

“My, my,” Vendeen chuckled.  He traded grins with Daagiis.  “She is a sensitive little thing.  I’m going to have to turn the intensity down.”

He touched the button again, and the vibrator quieted a little.  “Now.  Let’s see how this feels,” he said.

The instrument lowered to Raven’s pussy once more.  Now the pleasure broke through her in sweeping waves, slowly climbing higher.  She moaned in reaction, feeling the sweet pulses in every cell of her body.  At the same time, she was excruciatingly aware of Vendeen and Daagiis watching her, their gazes flicking from her face to her sex as she voiced the growing rapture of arousal.

“Not a bit inhibited,” Daagiis said.  He tugged on one nipple, sending darts of pain that somehow turned to pleasure, adding to the heat in Raven’s belly.  She groaned with need.

“And quite ready to explore the more intense sensations too few can properly appreciate,” Vendeen agreed.  He rubbed the vibrator over her clit, making her insides coil tight.  “Bondage, pain, and sensual torment.  You did do well capturing her, my servant.”

Raven was losing the thread of their conversation.  Daagiis continued to play with her imprisoned nipples as Vendeen moved the vibrator against her eager flesh.  Pain and pleasure swirled together, clenching her insides until climax appeared on the horizon.  It stole towards her, coming closer with each passing second until Raven shook all over.  The sensations were brighter, sharper now, drawing towards culmination.  Her body opened to the ecstatic release, needing only a few more seconds to realize it.  Nearer ... nearer ... right on the brink now ... condensing into one tiny spark ready to explode wide...

Releasing in August

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