Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Sister Katherine (WIP)

Katherine did not fight the two men as they lifted her gown from her body.  She bit her lips as she acquiesced to Simdow tugging her panties off.  Then Miv laid her down on the bed.  As the men looked down on her, Katherine staved off the urge to cover herself with her hands.  She was theirs.  Perhaps as long as she didn’t fight them they would remain gentle with her.

Please don’t hurt me.  Please.

As if he could hear her desperate thoughts, Simdow whispered, “Relax, my poor, frightened love.  We’re not going to harm you.”

He laid down next to her and tilted her chin up.  His kiss was slow and sweet, just as Miv’s had been earlier.  Katherine’s senses went dizzy at the tenderness of it.  Some instinct remembered how it had been to share such an embrace with Miv, and her lips parted without her conscious control.   Simdow’s tongue entered, stroking hers with delicious longing.

Katherine reeled from the intimate contact.  She forgot to breathe for several seconds as Simdow coaxed her tongue to twine against his, tasting each other deeply.  Had she not been laying down, she would have fallen.  As it was, Katherine felt as if she plunge from a great height, the ground beneath her having given way.  

Her pulse thudded, its reverberations seeming to center in her sex.  She was aware of her secret folds flooding with erotic invitation.  For a few liberating seconds, she didn’t care.  All that mattered was the warm mouth carefully plundering hers and the delectable thrills it spawned.

Simdow pulled back just enough to whisper against her lips.  “Trust us, Katherine.”  He released her chin.  An instant later, a soft touch drifted over the cleft of her womanhood.

She inhaled sharply as her insides liquified and a stab of pure want ruptured her every thought.  Her legs jerked apart.  Simdow’s fingertips stroked the exposed petals, and Katherine’s body arched in a paroxysm of feeling.

“That’s it.  I’m only touching you a little.  No one’s harming my lovely little girl.  Let it happen, my love.  Let the sensations take you.”

His fingers continued to explore, tracing every fold and nook of her.  Katherine’s insides felt as if they must boil over in a frenzy of molten excitement.  She’d never known anything like this enchanting mania of bliss, this constant commotion that excited and bespelled all at once.  The enthrallment only increased as Miv’s mouth closed over one breast, gently drawing on her flesh.  His tongue brushed the tip of her mound with care, and the sensation slivered straight down to where Simdow’s hand investigated.  The Nobek sucked delicately as he plucked the other nipple, sending shards of quaking elation through her body.  

Simdow kissed her again.  His and Miv’s touches grew in strength, demanding and receiving greater reactions from Katherine.  Her sex seethed with excitement, growing hotter until she thought she must burst into flame.  Just when she felt sure she couldn’t possibly receive more pleasure from their caresses, her body found a new level of trembling nirvana.  She moaned a helpless plea in Simdow’s mouth, but she didn’t know what she begged for.

And still the uproar of her senses only increased.  Simdow’s kisses were aching deep, as if he fed on her very soul.  Miv’s hands and mouth teased her breasts until every nuanced touch brought a cataclysm of sparkling delight.  Her nipples jutted taut and swollen, responding to even the slightest whisper of breath.  

Meanwhile, the fingers at her sex continued their dancing play, bringing stomach-convulsing pleasure billowing her gut tight.  Katherine knew agonized ecstasy, a feeling of such torment she might cry but for the physical joy that made her move harder against Simdow’s touch.  She felt maddened and elated all at once.  She thought if he stopped touching her, she would scream with mingled relief and horror.

“Now, my little lovely,” Simdow whispered.  “Now, for your pleasure.”

Releasing July


  1. So we've got what? Another month or so to wait? 4 or 5 more weeks? *sigh* I've started reading some of the books over again as I couldn't wait for the new ones any more. I'm not sure if knowing what is in the pipeline is good or bad at this point as I am so impatient. LOL

    Tracy, you are very good at teasing and titillation that's for sure. :D

    1. I can't pin a specific date down yet because the proofreader/editor is going over Sister Katherine now. I'm fortunate to have very fastidious people who take great pains to make sure I don't publish bad books. Because of this, I won't have an ironclad date until I get the book with notes and corrections back.

    2. I like fastidious editors!!! I much prefer to wait a few weeks than have a badly edited book that's for sure. Although I may just set my alarm if the book is going to be released at midnight so I can start it right away. lol

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    1. Oh good grief, I didn't remove the posting, I just moved it up where it was supposed to be in reply to another post, sorry.