Friday, June 14, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: Clan and Conviction (M/M)

Wynhod bellowed.  Violent lust thudded at the base of his cocks, fed by the unrelenting hand pumping his secondary organ and the hot, wet mouth bobbing and sucking on the larger one.  Gelan’s rough tongue rubbed hard against the vein pounding on the underside of Wynhod’s prick.   Bloodcurdling ecstasy throbbed through the Nobek’s loins, demanding release.  Gelan’s constricting fist allowed no such thing, keeping him in an agonized thrall.  And Wynhod could do nothing but hold himself open for the abuse.

Even Wynhod’s delight in receiving erotic torture was tested in the next few minutes.  He quaked violently under the assault, alternating between choked sounds that resembled sobs and roars of furious demand.  Not one sane thought crossed his mind as Gelan enthusiastically mouthed one cock and rubbed the other.  All he knew were the brutal demands of his body, the downright painful need to climax, the frantic urge to escape his tormentor and not being able to.  He was reduced to the animal that dwelt behind his civilized face, a beast that tried to mindlessly flail against the trap that held it as it endured unceasing, delicious anguish.

Wynhod’s throat was nearly raw from his cries when the mouth at last released him.  The Nobek saw the man between his legs rise and consider him for a moment.

“Pure feral need,” his tormentor exulted.  “By the ancestors, I missed seeing that face.”

Wynhod growled and showed his fangs.  The other man showed his back.  Still holding the Nobek’s primary cock so that the he couldn’t come, Gelan leaned over him.

“Now that my domination over you is firmly established, what do you say we fuck?”

Wynhod couldn’t make much sense of what Gelan was saying.  However, the lust in his tone made him think that the awful pressure in his gut might finally be eased soon.  He just had to play along for a little while longer.

Still keeping his terrible grip on Wynhod’s cock, Gelan used his other hand to position himself.  Something thick and feverishly hot nudged the Nobek’s anus.

“Knowing how much you like pain, I’m not going to prepare you.  You’ll take me while you’re still tight.”

The words were still mostly meaningless noise.  It didn’t matter.  Wynhod knew what was about to happen and welcomed it.  When the other man was fulfilled, then he would be allowed release too.  That was how this game had always gone.  He knew the rules.

Wynhod pushed against the pressure against his ass, opening himself to its invasion.  With a long groan, Gelan accepted his invitation and slid inside.

The ache was burning and immediate.  Wynhod hissed, letting the sensation mix with the angry arousal fighting to get past the barrier of Gelan’s fist.  He unleashed a guttural snarl, at once accepting and warning.  

Gelan snarled back.  He was alpha.  He had won the right to dominate.  Wynhod responded by lifting his chin and offering his throat.

“The venom is wearing off, I see,” Gelan said.  He pushed deep inside and a sudden jolt of pleasure made Wynhod howl.  Liquid fire roiled through his smaller cock and billowed towards the primary one, joining the already agonizing need.  

Gelan drew back and slammed back in, finding that sweet spot once more.  Wynhod arched and yelled again.  His hands sprang free of their grip on his own thighs.  He grabbed hold of Gelan’s buttocks and wrapped his legs around his hips.  He squeezed hard, making the Dramok grind against his prostate, bringing more tormenting delight.

Gelan fell forward.  He managed to keep his fist wrapped around Wynhod’s primary dick as he did so, catching himself with the other hand.  Bracing himself against the floor next to the Nobek’s head, he pumped in and out of Wynhod’s ass, bringing shrieking pleasure with every stroke.  Wynhod’s hold on him made the thrusts stronger, driving him animal crazy once more.

Gelan’s face worked with need, showing he neared his end.  Wynhod had a moment of lucidity, in which he saw how the strong body over his worked, the muscles undulating and writhing in a beautiful wanton dance.  For an instant, the astounding sight stole his breath.

The Dramok’s face abruptly softened and his eyes closed.  The vicious clutch on Wynhod’s prick loosened just enough for him to pump it in and out of his fist.  “Do it,” Gelan gasped. 
At last, molten elation drove through Wynhod’s cock.  He shrieked as it seared its way up and out, thick cables of lust pouring from his body to splash against both men’s bellies and chests.  Some distant part of the Nobek’s consciousness registered when Gelan jerked against him, adding his own cries of completion to the din.

Pulses of rapture were still shuddering their way through Wynhod’s groin when he returned to his senses.  He opened his eyes to see Gelan’s face above his.  The Dramok’s face went slack with rapture, his eyes still closed.

Wynhod reached up and grabbed the back of his lover’s head, pulling him down.  He gave Gelan a bruising, biting kiss, which the Dramok returned in kind.  Wynhod clutched the other man’s body close, remembering how it had moved with savage grace over his.  How stunning and gorgeous Gelan had been.


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