Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clan Beginnings: To Clan and Conquer (M/M)

Tranis stopped again.  “There.  I’m in.  For how long remains the question.”

Lidon felt a pressure beneath his lower cock.  He looked beneath his crouched body to see Tranis’ second cock nestled up beneath his.  He shivered.  The Dramok had mounted him, had made Lidon his bottom.  Few men had had the power to do so.  He let no one master him who didn’t deserve it.
Tranis drew back, emptying Lidon slowly until only the tip of his cock remained just inside the Nobek’s ass.  Then he thrust back in, powerfully.  Lidon had a moment of hot agony as his ass stretched grudgingly for the invasion, then Tranis hit that spot.

Pain and pleasure, both equally excruciating, clenched his lower body.  He arched back, his upper back smacking against Tranis’ chest.  A low howl trembled from his lips.

“That’s it,” Tranis hissed in his ear.  “Let’s see how much you like this.”

He drew back and filled Lidon once more, again finding the spot.  At the same time, he dragged fingernails down the Nobek’s back, bringing pain and the knowledge he was drawing blood.  Lidon made animal sounds of agonized want, and he ground against Tranis despite the pain.  Inviting the pain.  Begging for it.  It added so much to the rapture.  

Tranis’ hand closed tightly over Lidon’s front cock, near the tip.  “Push into my fist.”

Lidon’s hips jerked, forging his cock into that firm grip.  By the ancestors, yes.  Ecstasy coiled tight in his belly.  He jerked back, letting the Dramok’s hand bring him bliss.  At the same time, his ass took Tranis’ cock in a rush, the friction against his hot button curling his toes.

“Slow down before you bring me,” Tranis growled.

Lidon couldn’t make sense of his words over the violent demands of his cock.  He had to come.  Need made the civilized part of him crumble before the primal creature that always fought to escape.

He shoved back and forth violently, plunging into Tranis’ grip and then bucking back to take that hard length into himself.  All was sensation and want.  His second cock was flexing, tightening.  A surge of heat moved from it to his front prick.  He was going to come.  He could feel the sizzle of orgasm sliding forward, drawing itself together.  Here it was.  His rhythm stuttered as everything clutched hard...

Tranis’ hand moved to the base of his cock and squeezed, shutting off his release.  Lidon screamed defiance, trying to move, trying to climax.  The other man’s arm tightened around his waist, holding him still.

“I told you to slow down.  I’m not done fucking you yet.”

Lidon’s shattered brain didn’t quite understand the exact words, but he got the crux of the message.   He was being denied. 

He couldn’t come.

He roared his furious agony at the man riding him.  It did no good.  Worse still, the prick in his ass was sliding in and out much slower now, rubbing the hot zone lighter than Lidon wanted.  His cock throbbed in desperation to spill, but that merciless hand kept the hot river of cum dammed up.  

A long, drawn-out groan sounded in his ear.  “That’s right.  It feels good to master someone like you.  Not just shoving my prick in your hot, tight ass, but also being in control of such a strong Nobek.  Making you submit to me is half the thrill.”

Lidon felt a surge of pride at Tranis’ praise.  At the same time, he wanted to get free and beat the Dramok into submission so he could fuck his ass.  

The Nobek desperately fought to move.  He couldn’t, not with his arms and ankles pinned by the hover cuffs, his right leg useless, and Tranis holding him so tightly.  All he could do was crouch beneath his conqueror and take the achingly slow strokes.

Tranis pressed deep and ground hard into Lidon.  Heady, brutal elation burst through the Nobek as he bore against that spot.  Lidon shoved his face into the mat and screamed with all his might.  

The Dramok gasped.  He pounded hard and fast, his groin thudding loudly against Lidon’s buttocks.  Lidon writhed, desperate for release.  He’d never wanted to come so bad.  If Tranis would just release his hold on his prick...

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  1. I have to applaud your imagination. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to write a scene like this and figure out what parts are where. lol.
    Do you have little Kalquorian dolls that help you through the process?
    I know it all sounds ridiculous, but, seriously, you're awesome. ;)

    1. Thanks! No, I'm always thinking about those extra bits and how they would line up and does something need to be held out of the way? Tilt your head while mouthing that secondary cock, or you'll get the primary up your nose or in your eye! lol

  2. LOL, Kalquorian dolls! I've never thought about all the extra parts you have to write in and keep out of the way.

    Have you ever forgotten a penis?! Like, "whoops, that's right, they can't do that position b/c there would be a secondary cock in the way?"

    1. That extra rod o' joy has defeated me a couple of times with a position I wanted them to get into. Darned overly endowed aliens. :P