Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Nuns of Europa: Sister Katherine (WIP)

Thinking of her girls, especially the smallest ones, brought anger to the fore.  It chased away some of the horror that wanted to make her fall to her knees before this Kalquorian.  Katherine let the fury rise and consume her.  She stood as tall as she could and spat out the foul words that came.

“Spoils?  You claim us?  Including the children? You would attack little girls for your profane sexual pleasures, Nobek Miv?  What cowards are Kalquorians that they would do such a thing?”

Miv’s eyes went perfectly round at her words, and his mouth dropped open.  Katherine waited for the stunned expression to turn to anger.  For his still hovering hands to clench into fists, which he would use to hurt her.

Instead, the Nobek’s expression went horrified.  To Katherine’s surprise, his tone was desperate as he answered her accusations.  “Matara, no.  We would never touch the little ones in such a way.  They are not to be harmed.”  Then his expression did turn mean.  “I would kill any man I saw hurting a child.  I would rip him apart with my bare hands and make him scream until I tore his beating heart from his chest.”

The purple eyes glittered with rage, and Katherine saw fangs appear behind the man’s square teeth.  Miv had gone utterly primitive with the idea of little girls being attacked.

Every hair on Katherine’s body rose at the bestial fury.  She had no doubt the Nobek meant what he said.  He was not going to hurt the children, and he would not countenance such actions from his fellow Kalquorians.

“I believe you,” she whispered.  She put a hand on his shoulder, feeling how he shook with suppressed rage.  “I believe you, Miv.”

Releasing July 2013


  1. That is what defines an alpha male.

  2. Looking forward to the release date. I've been wanting to know how the nuns fared with their clans.