Saturday, May 11, 2013

What’s Your Kink?

Have you ever wondered where you fall on the kink spectrum?  On the kink/fetish site, a lot of the users take a popular quiz that appears on and post their results on their member pages.  It’s a pretty good quiz, and you can find it at 

My results were interesting to me.  I thought I’d share them and how accurate I feel they are.  Here’s how the quiz categorizes my proclivities:

Experimental:  96%
Submissive:  82%
Exhibitionist/Voyeur:  82%
Bondage:  71%
Masochist:  61%
Switch:  57%
Sadist:  43%
Dominant:  25%
Vanilla:  21%
Degradation:  14%

I am a very experimental person when it comes to sex (and actually, the rest of my life).  I will try most things that don’t completely freak me out.  I was always the kid who took dares very seriously.  Yeah, that would have been me with my tongue stuck to the frozen pole.  I’m stupid...I mean ‘experimental’ like that.  Result:  Accurate

Submissive in the bedroom:  oh, most definitely.  I love a man who takes control more than anything when sexual play gets rolling.  It’s funny to be so into surrendering myself in this one aspect when I’m a control freak everywhere else.  But then, we all know ultimate control belongs to the submissive, so there you go.  Result:  Accurate

I’m very much titillated by both exhibitionism and voyeurism.  I love to watch, and the number of public places I’ve snuck in some naughty activities is rather high.  It’s a wonder I haven’t gotten myself arrested.  Result:  Accurate

Bondage...handcuffs, scarves, duct tape, rope, spreader bars...bring it.  Being made helpless excites me to no end.  I’m rather surprised that I didn’t score higher though.  Result:  Mostly Accurate

Masochism is a shaky area for me.  Light pain, the kind that comes from spankings, switching, flogging, nipple clamps, nipping, pinching; all that is fine.  I’m not into the stuff that leaves me black and blue, though.  No real sadist would enjoy being with me, because though I have a high tolerance for pain, there are simply places in the S&M realm I will not go.  I think the 61% ranking is a good analysis.  Result:  Accurate

A switch is someone who can happily top or bottom others.  I am surprised to see my results as high as this shows.  I have had a few occasions where I didn’t mind taking the reins in the bedroom, but it doesn’t feel that natural to me.  It doesn’t get me going, and I can actually have great trouble achieving orgasm when I’m in charge.  Those of you who keep reminding me that sometimes women like to be on top so why aren’t my heroines in more control...sweeties, you’re talking to the wrong writer.  It’s not my thing, and I can’t effectively write what I don’t really feel.  Result:  Only Somewhat Accurate

I got a laugh out of being 47 percent sadist.  I hate inflicting pain on others unless they’ve pissed me off, and then I’m not looking to get off.  I’m simply looking to make a violent point because I’ve been pushed waaaaaay too far.  If I’m mad enough that I’ve started to cry, that’s your warning sign.  Run like hell if I go from yelling to tears.  Result:  Not Accurate

As I’ve mentioned before, I can switch and dominate if the mood strikes my partner.  It’s not that interesting to me though.  The only thing I can think of that would appeal to me about being a Domme are the black leather outfits.  I love those clothes.  Is a leather and boot fetish worth 25%?  Result:  Somewhat Accurate

Good old vanilla, or a lack of kink...I can get into that once in awhile.  Sometimes it’s nice to just be with someone.  A good old-fashioned fuck in missionary position is perfectly fine with me every now and then as long as it doesn’t become a steady diet.  Result:  Accurate

I can’t believe degradation showed up at all on my results.  I cannot handle humiliation, except for perhaps a little bit of name-calling within role playing situations.  I have a hard limit on is out of the question.  It definitely belongs in last place, which is the only part of its appearance I agree with.  Result:  Not Accurate 

As online quizzes go, this was fun and not too far off the mark in many cases.  Go have some laughs with this one.


  1. I've wondered for quite some time now how much into the BDSM lifestyle you are. This is really cool to see and to know about you.

    There are so many misconceptions about this lifestyle that it is kind of scary. I really like how you portray the BDSM element in your stories. They are much more true to life than a lot of others.

    I continue to look forward to reading more and more, as many as possible, of your Kalquorian books, this is one of my favorite series of all time.

    1. Thanks! I do try to keep it as realistic as one can in a sci-fi universe while also keeping in mind that aliens are not necessarily going to act the way we do. I'm glad you're getting so much out of the series and you like the books.

  2. this was a interesting read and then i just had to do the quiz myself it was fairly accurate and my top ones were pretty spot on