Saturday, May 18, 2013

Weird Sex Laws in the U.S.

Enjoy these crazy laws that are still on the books:

In Alabama, sex toys are banned.

In Florida, you may not have sexual relations with a porcupine.  Does that mean someone tried to perform such an act for it to have been made a law?  By the way, you can’t shower in the nude in Florida either.

My fellow Georgia residents, sexual intercourse between unmarried individuals is illegal.  Yep, still on the books.

In Idaho you may not engage in public displays of affection for more than 18 minutes.  Tell me, how did they arrive at that specific length of time?

No oral sex is permitted in Indiana.

Making out in Iowa is limited to five minutes.  I bet the men in that state are fast on the trigger, if you catch my meaning.  ;)

In Minnesota it is illegal for men to have sexual relations with fish.  Ladies, the trout are all yours.

In Mississippi, men may not become sexually aroused in public.  I recommend cock cages.

If you are a member of the Nevada legislature, you cannot wear a penis costume while in session.  Unfortunately, you're still allowed to act like the typical politician douche.

My home state of North Carolina forbids sex in graveyards.  It's also a bad place to receive flowers from someone.  :P

Cincinnati, Ohio bans anal intercourse.

San Antonio, Texas bans flirting.

Only the missionary position is legal in Washington, D.C.  Maybe that's why they make everyone else bend over and take it up the ass...except for Cincinnati, of course.

No sex with animals over 40 pounds in Washington State.  Run Fluffy, run!


  1. How this one :) In Oklahoma it is illegal for the owner of a bar to allow anyone inside to pretend to have sex with a buffalo. LOL Really?

    1. Hahahaha! Wait, why are there buffalo in the Oklahoma bars? Oh yeah, the wings.

  2. I just read this for the first time, Your comments have me laughing out loud. Really.... OK there are a few states I won't be visiting.