Friday, May 10, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Netherworld III: Once Bitten, Twice Dead

His voice had that firm command that flips a switch in my head, making me obey instinctively.  “Give me that talented mouth of yours.”

I was off my back and on my knees before him in an instant, my lips mouthing wet, tongue-filled kisses all over his length.  Ghosts don’t put out heat as a rule, but in his aroused state Dan’s essence remembered how it was to be alive.  His cock was warm, the pulse on the underlying vein thrumming against my mouth.

My wrists were crossed behind my back.  As I knew he would, Dan grasped either side of my head in those strong hands, pushing my eager kisses away.  I opened my mouth wide, rolling my eyes up to look into his rapt face.

“That’s it, baby girl.  You know what’s coming.”

With that, he ran his entire measure into my mouth and down my throat.  I seized around him, gagging harshly, tears immediately flowing from my eyes.  Dan is an incredibly endowed man, and he loves hearing me choke on his length.  Now before you think ‘what a jerk’, know that I like it too.  And I don’t have to gag.  Besides the fact that I’m an excellent deepthroater (even if I do say so myself), I’m dead, remember?  Physical limitations are a thing of the past, and I have to draw on memory to make my incorporeal body react this way.  Besides, if it really bothered me, I could safeword out or even ‘port the heck out of here.

Oh no, none of that was going to happen.  Dan was giving me what I ached for; making me serve him, submit to him, being the strong man that made me all squirmy and needy inside.  My thighs were wet with flowing honey as he made me swallow that thick, delicious cock.  
Besides dominating, the throat gag is Dan’s big kink.  You’ve never seen a man so excited, and the fact I make him look that way thrills me to no end.  He’s also raised it to an art form.  He’ll thrust shallowly a few times, pumping slowly in and out to enjoy the sight of his cock moving between my lips.  Then out of the blue his hips piston forward and he pulls my face up against his groin, making me gag loud and hard.   It’s not a pretty sound, but he always says, “Good girl,” with such warmth that I’m over making those unladylike noises in an instant.

He took his time, enjoying the feel of my tongue rubbing hard all around him as he took his pleasure, groaning when he buried the full length and I clenched and shuddered against him as instinct fought the pressure.  I was getting all hot and achy below, and I considered putting my hands on my pussy.  Playing with myself without permission was a big no-no of course, and I hadn’t decided yet if I wanted a spanking tonight.  So I kept my hands behind my back and suffered.

“Good girl,” Dan whispered as I struggled against another full taking.  He was keeping himself deep longer and longer each time now, his chest heaving with remembered breath in his excitement.  Slowly, slowly, slowly he drew out, and I gasped in tandem with him.  Gosh, I needed to come in the worst way.

He rammed in again and once more held me still.  “That’s it, baby girl, swallow that cock.”  For a man who’s usually the strong, silent type, Dan does a lot of talking during sex.  He knows it turns me on.  

“Your mouth and throat are so wet and warm.”  He withdrew again, leaving me coughing.  “Feels good to have them wrapped around me.  I love watching you fight to accept all of me, to make me feel good.  No one is better than you, Brandilynn.”

It’s nice to be so appreciated.

Shorter strokes again, letting me taste a little droplet of sweetness.  I love the way Dan tastes.  And his continued praise had me itching to finger myself again.

“The only thing better than your mouth is your pussy.  Hot and soft and yielding.  I like teasing it until you’re all red and swollen and begging me to love it.”

My hands twitched, came apart a little behind my back.  I still wasn’t sure I was in the mood for a spanking, but it seemed worth it to relieve the demanding ache of my sex.  Yeah, I was about to misbehave.  Even though my fingers were my least favorite option right now, I needed something inside me.  Right now.

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