Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – The Font

Naya had never felt anything so glorious in her short life.  The vampire’s mouth latched on her, feeding from her, making everything hazy and dreamlike.  His body was heavy on hers, solid contact with his strength.  And that sensation of being filled with another over and over, bringing things alight, making her lower body clench in growing pleasure, was beyond amazing.  The brief flash of pain as he’d breached her virgin barrier was already forgotten in this swirl of gut-wrenching bliss.

As the dark, beautiful fiend thrust deeply into her, she let her fingertips drift over his ribcage, up to his shoulders, feeling the wiry muscle beneath his shirt.  She wished he was as naked as she so that she could experience his skin against hers.  It was the only thing lacking in this unexpected attack. 
She wasn’t sure what had made her open in invitation to him.  He hadn’t commanded it.  He’d initially seemed content with simply touching her with his hands.  But something about the eagerness in his eyes, the feeling of him straining his clothes in want of her, and the melting exploration of his fingers on her had dashed sensible fear away.  The deep craving drove her to make her wordless plea for his invasion.

Naya had dreaded lying with a man, having only seen the deprivations of Heriolf’s vampires when they raped and consumed their victims.  But this … this was an ecstasy of the body to be joined with another.  That her attacker had expressed contrition for his overwhelming lust and the stealing of her maidenhead let her know he was not the brute she was used to seeing.

The friction of his flesh plying hers incited not just that heavy feeling of growing brightness, but also small, quick darts of pure stomach-twisting delight.  Her hips were moving against his now, forcing him in deeper, as deep as he could plunge.  She made little sounds of breathless encouragement as his glamour faded and she could vocalize again.

Naya didn’t call for help.  She knew she was being stupid.  This vampire had forced himself on her, had drank of her blood, was even now still licking the wounds he’d made with the slow satisfaction of a cat tasting a few drops of cream.  But inside, she was winding up tight, her guts coiling in on themselves as pleasure grew larger and larger, so large she didn’t know how she could contain it in her slender form.  And the vampire who made her feel so good was drumming faster than ever against her, breathless moans emitting from his lips stained red with her blood.

A shivering spasm seized her where their bodies met, and Naya gasped.  Another miniature explosion rocketed from her sex up her spine.  She made a high, warbling sound, and the vampire answered her with a groan.  The look on his strong jawed face hovering above hers was euphoric and tense all at the same time.  He was perhaps the most handsome man she’d ever seen, especially with that expression of need on the brink of realization etched on his well-formed features.

Another jagged bolt from her nether parts, and then something mighty and huge ballooned all at once within her.  Naya’s mouth opened wide with the force of it, but the sensation’s monstrous proportions choked off the cry she strained to make.  Then it broke open, spilling blinding whiteness and excruciating rapture all over.

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  1. Wow! You sure know how to describe that moment no one can really describe.