Friday, May 31, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 7: Alien Refuge

The feeling of Ospar’s hand cupping her mound and gently rubbing along her slit shut Iris’ brain off immediately.  The assured touch, moving the soaked crotch of her panties all over her sensitive parts, made everything spasm hard, stealing her breath.  She arched hard into his grip.

“There we go, sweet Iris,” he breathed, watching her with dark, dark eyes.  “Very nice, little one.”

She moaned, her gut suddenly heavy with demand.  Ospar bent lower until his mouth met hers.  His tongue slid across her lips, and she opened for his kiss.  His tongue plunged in to stroke hers, tasting of feral male and blatant desire.

Iris knew no conscious thoughts as the searing kiss burned a fiery path from her mouth down to her pussy.  Her hips writhed to get more of that delicious contact with Ospar’s hand.  Her feet climbed up to the surface of the bed, bracing against it so she could move harder against the Dramok’s touch.  Her hands moved all over him, feeding on the granite muscles that covered his body.

He ended the kiss, his mouth traveling down.  Teeth scraped her chin and she raised it, baring her throat to the heated feeling of dominating male.  A soft sound trickled from Ospar’s throat, something between a purr and a growl.  He bit softly down the column of her throat, never hurting Iris, simply letting her feel the restrained power of his ability to do as he wished with her.  His tongue dove into the hollow of her throat, tasting her.

The hand not delighting her lower parts grasped the cup of her bra.  Ospar bared one breast, kissing his way down to the soft curve.  Iris’ nipple was already tight with excitement, pointing stiffly with unabashed desire.  The Kalquorian sighed softly at the sight of  the rosy tip.  His tongue flicked it hard.

Iris cried out and arched against him once more.  The brief lick somehow felt as if it had landed directly on her clit instead.

“So sensitive,” someone said.  Iris wasn’t sure who the voice belonged to.  All she knew was the rioting insistence of her flesh and how wondrous it felt to have a man touching her again after all this time.

Ospar licked her nipple again, slow languorous tastings, like a little boy with an ice cream cone.  The rough silk of his tongue galvanized Iris, sending her entire body into a paroxysm of desire.   Meanwhile, he tugged the crotch of her panties to one side, baring her secret flesh for exploration. 
The calloused pads of his fingertips traced her folds.  Iris made a choked sound as a shard of bright rapture stabbed into her belly.  The questing fingers investigated every crevice, smearing her juices all over.

Ospar sucked her breast deep into his mouth.  At the same time, his thumb brushed her clitoris.  A shock of brightness appeared for an instant, nearly blinding her before the touch moved away.  Her strangled cry seemed to echo.

“Poor girl,” a voice like muted thunder murmured.  “She very nearly climaxed, I think.”

“Too much need,” a silkier voice answered.  “We will have to take great care of her.”

Iris jerked, desperate to get that elusive touch back on her clit, to release the phenomenal pressure building in her loins.  She made a guttural, pleading sound to the man now baring her other breast.

His gaze was knowing as he licked the second, erect nipple.  “I know, sweetling.  A little preparation, and you’ll have all the pleasure you want.”

Something settled against the entrance to her pussy.  Iris spread her legs a little, inviting it in, needing it to take away some of that awful need.

The thick finger pressed in.  Eased by the fluids flowing from her, it slipped easily into her.  Iris warbled a welcome, delighted to be filled if even just a little.

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