Friday, May 17, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 6: Alien Redemption

Conyod’s grin spread over his face, and she saw dark promise in his intent.  She whimpered, her pelvis jerking upward in need.

“Don’t worry, lovely little Ray-Ray,” he said.  “I will take such good care of you.”

His hand still gripped the back of her knee, and he lifted her leg over one of those great, broad shoulders.  Then he grasped her other leg to settle it over the opposite shoulder.  She was wide open now, and his face was right there, so close that she could feel his breath on her nether lips.

“You smell of the seaside during a rainstorm,” Conyod told her.  “It is a most delicious scent, my Ray-Ray.  I am going to taste you, and you are going to let me.”

Rachel jerked a nod.  Oh yes.  She’d definitely allow him to do that.

His lips were parted as he descended down to her trembling flesh.  He spread her open with calloused fingertips.  She had a moment to wonder how a doctor had gotten such rough skin.  Conyod’s eyes closed and his tongue peeked out just before the lower part of his face was lost to sight.

The wet, scratchy flesh spread over her more tender sex.  It slowly lapped up her parted nether lips, intent on catching every drop of her flowing juices.  Rachel groaned from the tips of her toes, which waved in the air over Conyod’s head.  The sound became a wavering cry as the wicked tongue moved up and up, nearing her clit.  The Kalquorian’s mouth closed on that throbbing morsel, and he sucked hard.  Sensation rocketed through her belly and shot up her spine.  She arched against him.

Conyod’s grip slammed her back down to the mat surface.  He kept her pinned flat as he licked and sucked and shoved his tongue into her core, devouring her like a starved animal.  Rachel kicked the air wildly, her fists slamming against the bed’s soft surface as blistering heat built higher and higher.  She was going to come quickly, too quickly if he didn’t stop.

But Conyod showed no inclination of halting his gorgeous assault.  Ignoring her agonized cries, his mouth was demanding, voracious, insistent.  No amount of writhing or pulling at his hair blanketing her lower belly deterred his feeding.  Lips, teeth, and tongue conspired to tie her in ever tightening knots, bringing pleasure so acute it was almost painful.  The soft, gentle intoxication of his bite faded in her massive need for release.

The orgasm was on its way now, stampeding with such force that Rachel was actually fearful it would rip her apart.  She doubled her efforts to escape the brutal ecstasy that closed in on her, but Conyod’s insistent pleasuring would not stop.  His fingers joined in the fray, two pressing deep into her pussy, moving easily in the slickness of copious moisture.  She groaned to feel a part of him inside, plunging in and out of her channel.  Then he found the bit that made every hair on her body stand at attention.   Rachel had a moment to gasp before her world shattered.

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