Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday’s Serving – Clans of Kalquor 8: Alien Caged (WIP)

Elisa activated it so that a window in the containment field opened just enough for her to slide the covered plates of food into the cell one at a time.  She clipped the disruptor onto her belt and pushed the first tray through the opening.

As always, Nobek Oret stepped forward to take the food from her.  “Good day, Matara Elisa,” he said in a low, growly voice that might have come from the mouth of a wolf capable of speech.

He must have known how intimidating he looked, because he came just close enough to the containment barrier to stretch one long arm out and accept the plate she offered.  Oret was younger than Zemos by one year and his long curly hair retained all of its blue-black color without the slightest sign of gray.  Yet he looked harder and more careworn than his Dramok.  Elisa could never call such a creature ‘cute’, indeed she did not think him precisely handsome either.  However, his feral face with its stark features and intense demeanor was riveting.  As long as one appreciated the perfection of creatures such as sharks or rearing cobras, such a person might deem Oret a beautiful predator.

If Zemos’ body was chiseled, then Oret’s had been carved, sculpted, and polished within an inch of its life.  Veins stood out on his arms, exposed by the sleeveless formsuit he wore.  He looked capable of breaking steel beams in half with nothing but brute force.  His skintight uniform left nothing unimagined.

Oret was fearsomeness personified.  Yet, like a mouse hypnotized by the stare of a deadly cobra, Elisa found him riveting as well.  She was drawn to this walking, talking icon of destruction.

Release date not set.


  1. I have a little hissy fit every time I see release date not set. Damit stomp stomp. .....

    1. I agree, it is cruel to tease us with these snippets when there is no release date in sight, that's all I'm saying.....ARGH!!! I'm right there stomping with you Jeanette!

  2. 3 hours later and still thinking about it.....I have added pouting to the stomping. Just so you know.