Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sex Trivia

The word “clitoris” is Greek for “divine and goddess like.” The clitoris is present only in female mammals. It is actually approximately 4 inches long, with 3/4 of the clitoris extending inside a female’s body. (The so-called ‘G’ spot)

For most men, the left testicle hangs lower—but in some men, most commonly left-handed men, the right one hangs lower.

Married people are more likely to masturbate than people living alone, according to the National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS).

The condom is said to be named after the Earl of Condom, a British physician at the court of Charles II who was asked by the king to design him something to keep him from developing syphilis. The oiled sheep intestine was a big hit.

The average number of times a healthy male will ejaculate in a lifetime is 7,200. Of this number, approximately 2,000 times will result from masturbation.

Leonardo da Vinci discovered that blood filled an erect penis—not air, as had been previously believed.

President Lyndon B. Johnson referred to his penis as 'Jumbo'.

Approximately 80 cases have been reported in medical literature of men born with two penises. A diphallus can present as either one organ that separates into two or as two distinct organs. The penises can be side by side, on top of each other, or in separate locations. Most men with diphallus are sterile.

When men of Australia’s Walibri tribe greet each other, they shake penises instead of hands.

To maximize oral sex, it is worth paying attention to what food you eat. Foods such as kiwi, celery, and pineapple can make genital secretion sweet. Dairy products, meat, and alcohol are generally thought to worsen the taste.

Upper Paleolithic art dating back 30,000 years depicts people using dildos to pleasure themselves and others. That means mankind invented sex toys long before the wheel.

The average man has 11 erections per day and 9 erections a night.

Contrary to popular opinion, the word “fuck” is not an acronym for the phrase “Fornication Under Command of the King.” It is a very old word that is hard to trace because the editors of the initial Oxford English Dictionary considered the word taboo in 1893. It may have a Scandinavian origin, similar to the Norwegian word fukka, meaning to “copulate,” or the Swedish foka, meaning “to copulate, strike, push,” or fock, meaning "penis".

The US has more laws governing sexual behavior than every country in Europe combined.

It was considered elegant for aristocratic ladies of the 16th century to let their pubic hair grow as long as possible so it could be pomaded and adorned with bows and ribbon.

In Guam it’s forbidden for female virgins to marry. For this reason, some men travel the countryside deflowering virgins as a full-time job.

The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time television was Fred and Wilma Flintstone.

Dr. Kellogg introduced Kellogg's Corn Flakes in hopes that it would reduce masturbation.

25% of heterosexual Americans have engaged in anal sex.

The average time that a man lasts after penetration is two minutes.

Most Female Orgasms on record: 134 in one hour for a woman.

About 50% of women have one breast that is larger than the other.

The earth could be re-populated to its current level using the number of sperm that could fit into an aspirin capsule.

A chicken egg could accommodate the number of female ova necessary to repopulate the earth to its present numbers.

Almost a third of all women over 80 years of age still have sex with their spouse or boyfriend.

Women consider penis size the ninth most important feature for a man, while men rate it much more highly, in third place.

A penis can shoot semen anywhere from 12 to 24 inches.

Australians are the most receptive to the idea of having a threesome – 28% of them claim to have tried it. 

For up to 70% of women, simultaneous direct stimulation of the clitoris during intercourse is essential for them to reach orgasm.

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