Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Unholy Union

Despite the many months of unwanted celibacy and his better-than-average size, he slid into her with ease.  Her body accepted his invasion as if welcoming an old friend.  Elaine groaned as Ash filled her aching emptiness, filling her to her very end.  Oh, it was so much better than she remembered sex being.  Her intimate sleeve clutched at him, trying to pull him ever deeper into its starving maw.

He kissed her deeply while he thrust in and out, swallowing her cries of bliss.  Their coupling made soft, wet sounds as he plunged into her core.  She tightened her legs in rhythm with his thrusts, driving him deeper, almost to the point of pain.

He broke the kiss to stare into her eyes.  “I wanted to fuck you the instant I saw you,” he gasped.  “All I could think about was being inside you, feeling you warm all around me.  Do I feel good to you, Elaine?”

“Wonderful,” she moaned.  “It’s been so long.”

“I can feel you need this as badly as I do,” he gasped, pounding harder so that she rose and fell against the wall at her back.  He shifted slightly, making his shaft rub harder against the front of her sheath, finding the cluster of nerves that felt best.  She cried out at the explosion of pleasure.

“Oh yes Ash, right there!” 

He worked her, hitting the spot over and over.  His groin slapped against hers with the report of shotgun blasts, driving her without mercy.  She screamed as the heavenly pressure built huge in her belly.  She heard him rumble a growl more beastlike than human.  

Despite the animal sound, his voice coaxed her gently.  “Come for me, Elaine.  Come for me.  Let go.  Surrender yourself.”

It was happening at his urging, the explosion starting in slow motion.  First a small spark of intense brightness.  Then came the expanding burn of ignition, swelling out from her loins to fill her entire lower belly, mushrooming up into her chest, throat and head, detonating every cell in her body.  The sound of her cries was lost in the thunderclap of passion’s eruption.

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  1. UnHoly HELLO! That's two days in a row you've made me crossed eyed with your seditious ways. At this rate my hubby's going to have to send you a thank you card.

    My motor is going to be running all weekend off that little excerpt alone. I think I need to read some Unholy Union.

    1. Better send the seven-year-old to a friend's house this weekend, lol!

  2. No extreme measures needed. Earphones and some extra computer time while mom & dad "nap" should do it. My parents used this trick on my brothers and I every Sunday. But they didn't care what we did as long as we stayed away from their door while they were 'sleeping'.

    I figured this out last year and called my mom on it. The woman had no shame, she said, "yep, it worked every time."

    The tourch has been passed. Another generation of parents having sneaky sex! : D