Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 4: Alien Salvation

Lower and lower, until his tongue probed her navel, sending fresh shivers down her spine and erasing her self-consciousness.  She wondered if he’d go lower still and perform the act the Church had damned as profane.  She wanted him to.  And she wanted to do the same for him.  The thought made her shiver with anticipation.

Bacoj grasped her thighs, propping them over his wide shoulders.  His gaze flicked up to meet hers, and he smiled.  “You smell like ocean.”

“Is that good?”

“I like.”  And as if to prove it to her, his face dipped down to her secret flesh.  His mouth closed over it in the sweetest kiss of all.

Lindsey arched as overwhelming desire bubbled through her womb.  She cried out to feel Bacoj’s tongue sweep over the pink petals of her core, scooping up the sticky honey of her need.  Every sense was alive, every cell of her being electric with an ache of the deepest pleasure she’d ever known.  Her feet drummed helplessly against his back in reaction.  He chuckled against her mound.

Bacoj laved her thoroughly, leaving none of her folds untasted.  He held her thighs tight to his shoulders, stilling her lower body for his attentions.  Lindsey’s upper body writhed, caught up in the thrills that raced through her being.  The warm ball of pleasure built thick in her belly, pressing at the confines of her body until she thought she might faint.

Every time his tongue found her clitoris, a bright bolt of sensation crashed through her womb, leaving Lindsey moaning.  It felt so good, yet it was torment too.  She felt she might explode if he didn’t quit.

But instead of halting the delicious torture, Bacoj increased it.  His lips closed over the hard nub of hungry flesh, holding it in their soft vise as his tongue flicked quickly back and forth.  Then Lindsey did beg him to stop, her voice strangled with need.  “Don’t, please, stop, stop, STOP!”

She grabbed handfuls of his thick, soft hair, trying to push him off.  The sensation was overwhelming, straining her beyond endurance.  She couldn’t take it, it was too much, he was killing her with bliss…

Molten ecstasy filled her and exploded outward.  A bright flash of lightning filled her loins, and she screamed as overwhelming sensation flung her into a pulsing nirvana of exhilarating pleasure.  Waves of bliss pounded through her body, and she had a vague knowledge that she was now grinding against Bacoj’s face, riding every throb of delicious fulfillment, the likes of which she’d never imagined.  His mouth shattered her in a million glorious pieces, and she didn’t care if she never came together again.

The bright point ebbed, giving her a brief moment of breath, then another brilliant flare filled her.  Then another.  And once more.

An eternity later, Lindsey slowly returned to herself, sobbing in the wake of her first orgasm.  Bacoj climbed over her to embrace her gently, murmuring softly to her in his own language.  She held onto him tightly as she regained reality.  His arms surrounded her, keeping her safe and whole.

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