Friday, March 8, 2013

Weekend Wake-up Call – Clans of Kalquor 3: Alien Conquest

            Degorsk rose from the bed despite her clutching hands.  But when she saw Lidon step forward, his dark face intent, Cassidy let the Imdiko go.  As wonderful as the first two had been, he was the one she’d been waiting for, the man who had whispered wicked words in the dark.
            “My Matara,” he growled, gathering her in his arms.  He pulled her hard against himself, aggressively molding her to his torso.  Any remaining thoughts of resistance fled within his authoritative embrace.  “My sweet little pet,” he said.
            His kiss was as forceful as the grip he held her with, his mouth demanding.  She submitted happily, fervent for whatever pleasure he would offer.  Her lower body clenched at his show of strength.
            “I am not as gentle as the others,” he warned as he brought one hand around to clutch her breast.  She moaned, arching into his grasp.  “But you must not fear me.  I will not harm you, my pet.  All I ask is your obedience.”
            “Tell me what to do,” she said. 
            His eyes darkened, and he bore her down to the bed once more.  “Open yourself to me.  Spread your legs wide.”
            She did as he commanded, and he leaned back to look at her bare secret flesh.  She shivered to be exposed for Lidon’s scrutiny.  His sexes were rigid exclamation points as he stared.
            “Spread yourself open with your fingers.  Show me everything.”
            No inhibitions remained to deny him his commands.  She parted the soft petals, feeling the thick honey making her slippery.  She displayed her treasures to his hungry gaze.  The other two drew close to look as well.
            “Show me what you did when you watched Tranis.”
            Cassidy didn’t hesitate.  The index finger of her left hand circled the entrance to her womb, and with her right, she slipped the sensitive nub of her clitoris between the first two fingers.  She rubbed the hard nub of flesh, her fingers slipping up and down, eased by her lubrication.  Her head lolled as bolts of pleasure shot through her core.  It wasn’t nearly as good as what the men did to her, but being watched as she stimulated herself almost made up for the lack of their touch.
            “Enough,” Lidon snarled, yanking her hands away.  He raised them to his face and sucked her juices from her fingers.  He swallowed.
            Cassidy gasped to find herself suddenly face down on the bed.  There had been a slight dizzying sensation, so fast she could barely register Lidon flipping her over.  He grabbed her from behind, pulling her hips up and back.  Her favorite illustration from The Kama Sutra flashed before her mind’s eye, the one with the woman crouched on all fours and the man entering her from behind.  She moaned aloud as Lidon’s rigid stave pushed against her sex.  It was happening.  Her most cherished desire was coming true.
            He speared her in a long, smooth motion, his smaller penis rubbing hard against her clitoris.  Her cry filled the air at the sudden impaling.  She had no opportunity to recover from the initial assault as he pounded a rapid rhythm against her buttocks.
            He worked her like a jackhammer until her growing moans warned of her impending climax.  He slowed, his strong hands holding her hips still so she couldn’t press back to claim the bliss just out of reach.  She sobbed with need, aching to realize the consuming exultation of her awakened libido. 
            “Not yet, my sweet Earther,” Lidon chuckled cruelly.  “You will not rush my gratification as you did Degorsk’s.  You must learn the joy of serving as well as being served.”


  1. *Drool* That clan gets my motor running every time.

  2. that scene is just insanely HOT! Your books have induced PSAS within me (PERPETUAL SEXUAL AROUSAL SYNDROME)

    1. LOL! So that's the diagnosis that's been eluding me. Now I know what to call my problem.