Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random Saturday – Giving Thanks

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and survived Black Friday if you ventured out.  While I’m working on week three of being sick with back-to-back colds, I still managed a nice Turkey Day with my husband, son, and the in-laws.  I don’t do Black Friday shopping myself, preferring to get my shopping done early when possible, and relying on the internet for the stuff I didn’t manage to get.  I just don’t do big crowds that well.

I realize the official day of giving thanks was two days ago, but I find myself doing that every day.  I have so much that means a lot to me.  First and foremost is my brilliant son, who my life revolves around.  Watching him grow and surmount his challenges due to autism is truly a gift.  Then I have a husband who puts up with the mess that is Tracy.  I am not a patient person, I am not always a nice person, and I am surely not all he deserves.  Yet he acts as if I am the perfect woman for him, and I appreciate all he does for me and our child.

I am exceedingly grateful for the ‘muse’ that keeps the stories coming, often faster than I can possibly write them.  Inspiration shows up from everywhere, and as of yet, I have never seen this writer’s block others bemoan.  It is not unlikely for those in range to hear me scream, “Not another one!” because I already have so many stories waiting to be written.  Yet I am thrilled when it happens, if a bit overwhelmed.

Most of all, I am thankful to those who read my books.  You have made my dreams come true by allowing me to be an author.  Because of you, I get to be a fulltime writer who makes a living at this difficult profession.  Your encouragement gets me through the times when I think, ‘Who am I fooling?  I’m no writer.  I suck.’  Your cheerleading spurs me to write better with every book.  If not for you, there wouldn’t be clan after clan after clan of big, strong Kalquorians because I would have given up after the first two books.  You made Kalquor happen the way it has.  For that, I thank you because I love those guys.

Thanksgiving Day is not an isolated once-a-year event for me.  I am grateful every single day to all of you.  Thank you for all you’ve given me.



  1. Happy to hear you and your family had a good Thanksgiving! I hope you feel better soon, those lingering colds are the pits :(

  2. Thank you! I am finally kicking it, with much relief.