Saturday, September 1, 2012

September Update

It’s that time again, to let you know where everything stands as far as my writing endeavors.  So without further ado:

The Netherworld Series:  If you would like to win signed print copies of all three books (Drop Dead Sexy, Blood Potion No. 9, and Once Bitten Twice Dead) I will be posting details on a contest next Saturday. 

Alien Redemption (Clans of Kalquor 6):  Finished with the second draft.  With another round of editing to go, getting my proofreader to put his stamp on it, and final corrections, I am aiming for mid-November for the release.

Clan Beginnings 1:  To Clan and Conquer:  First draft is well under way.  Tranis, Degorsk, and Lidon continue to surprise me with their backstory.  And the m/m/m action is hot.  Coming this winter.

To Protect and Service:  Ravenous Virtue:  Check out this past week’s WIP Wednesday for a look at this first installment of a new trilogy I’m currently outlining.  Interdimensional alien cops and lawgivers ... how can this not be fun?

The Phucket List:  A few more delays have slowed this down, most notably my co-author Megan Ziese’s new baby.  Congrats on that little cutie, Megan!  Here’s hoping he’ll let you get some sleep soon.

I am also working on something special (I hope) for all my blog followers.  It’s a surprise, but I will tell you it involves Kalquorians.  That's Dramok Dusa above, who figures in what's about to happen.  He should whet your appetites, not to mention get you yelling at me yet again for being a tease.  Look for your special treat starting in October.

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