Saturday, September 29, 2012

End of Tutorial Tuesday and Beginning of Shalia’s Diary

I’ve been re-posting old writing tutorials for a few weeks now with the thought I’d crank up some new articles when I get more time to work on them.  Alas, my schedule only seems to get more crowded what with turning to self-publishing and growing personal commitments.  Besides, I think the majority of you would prefer to see me writing about aliens anyway.

So Tutorial Tuesdays will end as of now.  I will eventually add a new page to this blog that will contain all my writing tips for those interested in why I do what I do ... once I get it put together.  That might take awhile.

And now for the news you’ve been waiting for.  That surprise I’ve been hinting at for the last two months will debut Monday, October 1.  Shalia’s Diary is a Clans of Kalquor story, delivered in journal entries written by the heroine, Shalia Monroe.  Every Monday I will post a new entry from her story, which begins about two months after Earth’s Armageddon (following the events of Alien Conquest).  As for when it ends ... well, that’s really up to you readers.  As long as you are interested in it and I can keep up a decent storyline, we will follow Shalia’s journey.  I have a year’s worth of story already, with so much more to come if this little experiment works out.  So you are getting an ongoing Clans of Kalquor story for free!  This is my way of thanking you all for the wonderful support you’ve given me.  I truly appreciate my readers, and I wanted to show it.

Since we are looking at everything through the heroine’s perspective in a journal format, Shalia’s Diary will not have the polish of a book I might otherwise release for sale.  I have also decided not to give you much of a physical description of Shalia.  I’d like for you to be able to put yourselves in her shoes, hence the lack of a clear picture of Ms. Monroe.  She’s of no particular age, though she is young enough to bear children and old enough to have an elderly mother suffering from dementia.  Fill in her details as you see fit.

Shalia’s Diary will NOT be a part of this blog.  After studying my options when it came to putting this together, I determined it will be so much simpler for me to make Shalia’s Diary happen if it was a blog unto itself.  I will post links to it here on Wicked Words; you will find it on my blog links in the lefthand column, and I will also post a link to the newest entry each Monday via Twitter and Facebook.  That should make it easy for you to access it on demand.

So get ready.  The opening installment of Shalia’s Diary starts in two days.  And just so you’re forewarned, we won’t encounter our first Kalquorians until the fifth entry.  Yes, you have to wait and anticipate, but that’s the breaks, kids.  Hopefully you’ll find the delay worthwhile.


  1. Oh boy!!! I can't wait. That's fantastic Tracy. Hopefully there would be lots of angst, protective Alpha heroes and sweet, vulnerable yet strong heroines. Thank you so much for giving us something to hold on to till Alien Redemption is released. Its amazing how much emotionally invested some us feel in the characters you create.


  2. Looking forward to reading the diary and it will be fun to be able to picture the heroine as we see her.