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Tutorial Tuesday – The Naughty Bits: Feeling Good About What You Write

When John Updike says it’s a good thing, who are we to argue?  “Writing my sex scenes physically excites me, as it should,” he stated.   I take that statement to heart, as should you.

Yes, the sex scenes you write should arouse you.  You should be clenching your thighs together as you compose.  By the end of writing a sex scene, I’m hoping you’re looking to jump on your sweetie (or having a solo flight, if necessary).  Why?  Because if you’re not getting something out of your sex scenes, chances are your readers aren’t either. 

That doesn’t mean treat us to all your deep, secret lusts.  I certainly don’t try to put myself into my books, especially the erotic scenes.  I’m sure my readers don’t want to see my pale, fluffy body superimposed on my heroines’ as they romp with the heroes.  Good heavens, I don’t want to see that either.  And when I read someone else’s work, I don’t want the characters to suddenly do something completely out of their natures because the author put her likes ahead of theirs.    

Instead, let your delightful experiences and fantasies inspire your sex scenes.  Keep the naughty thrills within the framework of your story and characters.  Keep all that wildness true to them.  Live vicariously through your fictional people; don’t take them over. 

Take those little seedlings of personal desire and grow them within the confines of your characters.  See where it takes them.  If you don’t enjoy it, uproot the whole crop and plant a new one.   Because if you’re not getting off on what you’re writing, chances are it will show.  Readers will notice and the scene will be just as flat for them.

For example, those who enjoy public humiliation play would probably not like any scene I write that incorporates it.  Now you all know from what I write I’m into the kinkier stuff, but I have a hard limit on being subjected to public humiliation.  I embarrass myself enough on a regular basis without someone helping me along.  I despise being in such a position, so you will rarely if ever see my characters getting off on public punishment or being degraded.  If it makes me cringe, I won’t write it, at least not in what is supposed to be a sensual scene.  Naughty girl being spanked, fine.  Heroine tied up helpless for her man’s delight, terrific.  Submissive being made to dress up like a puppy and do tricks at a formal party while everyone else is dressed to the teeth … no way.  I realize some get off on being put through their paces in this fashion, but I can’t go there.  That means my heroines can’t go there either because I can’t write such a scene effectively.

I do use my discomfort with public humiliation to make what could be a sensual scene anything but.  For example, in Netherworld 2:  Blood Potion No. 9, Brandilynn commits a serious infraction against her Doms Dan and Tristan.  Because she has hurt them both in a profound way, she asks to be punished.  What everyone agrees on is public humiliation, and it’s no thrill for her or her boyfriends.   This will not be a sensual scene because it doesn’t do anything good for me.  I am instead using it to underscore Brandilynn’s attempt to make things up to her men.

But back to the stuff that does rock my boat and how I’ve used it to arouse my readers.  I’ve blogged about one of my favorite sexual positions, sex up against the wall.  I believe I have used this (or some version of it) in every one of my books, because for me it is simply beyond delicious to imagine being taken that way.  One of my favorite scenes utilizing this comes from Alien Rule.  Here, Nobek Bevau goes animal on Jessica, much to their (and my) shared delight:

            She never sensed him move.  An instant later, she found herself crushed between the wall and the handsome Kalquorian, his mouth smashed against hers.  She gasped as much at his supernatural speed as the violent kiss he consumed her with.
            Bevau leaned back.  “Fight me,” he invited, his expression eager.
            “Fight you?”
“Nobeks like a challenge.  Feeling you struggle against me would be exciting.”
“I can’t possibly have a chance.”
            “You don’t, but I want to pretend I’m taking you against your will.”  He kissed her, and the gentle brush of his lips was an odd counterpoint to his request.  “I like being rough.”
            A tinge of fear crept in, making Jessica’s heart beat faster.  With a will of their own, her hips ground against him.  “Are you going to hurt me?”
            “Do you want me to?”  He licked his lips.  “No permanent damage, of course.  Some women like it.  It makes the pleasure that much sweeter.”
            Jessica swallowed, thinking of how Clajak’s forceful lovemaking had driven her crazy with desire.  “All right.”
            She’d barely given her permission before Bevau tore at her blouse with violent force.  She cried out and lunged to escape him.  He caught her by the throat with a masculine chuckle and held her against the wall.  His grip was enough to keep her pinned without choking her.  His other hand continued to rip her top apart, baring her bra.  He went after that next.
            Jessica slapped and punched at the alien beast holding her prisoner.  She kicked, her ballet-style slippers bouncing harmlessly off his tall boots.
            “Is that all you can do, little girl?” he laughed, clearly enjoying his mastery over her.  He ripped her bra from her body, and she cried out in mingled pain and desire.  Her breasts quivered free, her nipples hard.  Honey gushed, overflowing her panties to coat her thighs.  The tangy sea-salt aroma of her scent mixed with the heady perfume of the flowers.
            Bevau growled triumph, slapping Jessica’s breasts with a meaty hand.  “Oh,” Jessica breathed at the sting.  She felt her helplessness keenly.  She pushed against the Nobek prince’s chest with weak hands and wondered what he would do to her next.
            His hand left her throat, and he scooped her up with his arm beneath her buttocks.  Jessica knew he couldn’t help but notice how wet she was.  He lifted her so he could bury his face in her breasts.  He sucked on one mound hard, drawing as much of it into his mouth as he could while he pinched the nipple of the other.  Jessica sobbed as pleasure rolled hugely in her womb.  She pounded tiny fists against Bevau’s shoulders and upper back.  She pulled his long hair.
            He let her yank his head back, getting his voracious mouth off her sensitive flesh.  He looked up at her face and hissed.  His fangs flashed wickedly sharp at her.
            She screamed as his head darted forward again and his fangs sank into the roundness of her upper breast.  He pulled back out in an instant, and Jessica moaned to see rivulets of blood seep from the tiny holes he’d made.  He licked the blood away, growling deep in his throat.
            Bevau stepped from the wall and let her go.  Jessica fell the short distance into a pile at his feet.  Unhurt, she scrambled on all fours to escape her beautiful tormentor.  With a cruel laugh, he caught her by one ankle, and picked her up to dangle upside down in the air.
            Her short skirt fell to expose her pink lace panties.  Bevau grasped the crotch of the thin fabric and yanked as Jessica thrashed.  Scraps of pink fell like confetti to the floor.  Her secret flesh was naked and vulnerable to Bevau’s whims now.
            “Very nice,” he said, his voice full of approval.  His open palm cracked against Jessica’s bared buttocks once, twice, three times.  She wailed as her flesh throbbed with warmth.  Her sex spasmed.
            He dropped her gently to the floor, making sure she didn’t hit her head on the way down.  Again she scuttled away on all fours, and this time he let her.  He followed her with measured paces around the room, pulling his hard, ready sexes free of his formsuit as he stalked her. 
            “Nowhere to go, little Jessica McInness,” he gloated when she looked over her shoulder to see him hunting her.  His eyes glittered and his lips stretched over his fangs in a predatory grin.  He was all Nobek now, a brute to be feared.
            Jessica emitted a little shriek and lurched to her feet, preparing to run.  For an instant an iron arm circled her waist then Bevau had her pressed against the wall again.
            She fought him as hard as she could, kicking, slapping, and punching, her head whipping from side to side in negation as he manhandled her into position for his first thrust.  “No,” she gasped, feeling the tips of his cocks at her entrances.  She screamed as he crushed against her, holding her writhing body in place.  “Please,” she begged as he paused, savoring his domination before taking what he wanted.
            His hips pushed against her, impaling her moist, eager flesh with his own.  He shouted triumph in a beast’s howl as he traveled deep into her body.  Jessica shrieked at the mingled thrill and agony of the sudden invasion.  They cried out together, predator and prey.
            Bevau rode her, thrusting his considerable sexes in hard.  Jessica held on for dear life, her arms clutched around his neck and legs around his waist.  Already she could feel her senses overloading, tipping toward glorious orgasm.
            Her legs slid down his waist, letting her calves run over his buttocks.  She tightened her grip there and flexed to help him drive into her harder still.  Bevau’s head fell back, his face filled with bliss at her urging him on.
            He let her direct the rhythm of their lovemaking, timing his thrusts to coincide with the squeezing of her legs.  She made him take her fast for a little while, feeling her body rushing ever closer to orgasm.  Then, sensing she was nearly there, she slowed the pace, letting them both hover at a steady pulse of pleasure, calming a little, before quickening once more.
            All the while he kept her pinned to the wall.  With her strong dancer’s legs binding his hips, she imprisoned him.  Jessica gloried in the sensation of being both master and mastered.
            Bevau’s breathing came quicker now, and he began to ignore her rhythm.  His hands grasped her buttocks, squeezing and molding the rounded flesh.  He worked her faster, and Jessica knew she couldn’t hold out much longer.  A mewling sound escaped her lips, and the Nobek responded with a growl.  His thrusts became stronger, and he drove deeper into her than ever before.
            Deep pleasure bloomed in her gut, and her entire abdomen contracted in a massive spasm.  The walls of her vagina grasped Bevau’s cock as if to pull him in even deeper.  His howl joined her scream, and he let go of one hip to pound his fist against the wall.  Jessica’s womb, rolling in huge waves, milked his pulsing penis, determined to suck every drop of seed from his body.
            Bevau crushed against her, and another orgasm rocked Jessica.  She bit into his shoulder and tasted the tartness of the Kalquorian’s blood.  They raged and twisted against each other as lust had its vicious way with them.  There was no thought, no conscience, no sense of anything but primal urges that had to be met.  If anyone had heard them, they would have been convinced a fight to the death was in play.

I hope that was as good for you as it was for me.  And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find Master St. John. 

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