Sunday, July 22, 2012

Monday Man Time Suspended Indefinitely

Hi all,

It has come to my attention that my posts of sexy guys that I find on the internet is in fact, a copyright violation.  Yes, I know we all post them like maniacs on sites like Facebook and Pinterest, but using pictures without permission by the original photographer can get me in trouble, despite the fact I am not making any money off it.  An author who used a picture she found on Google was recently sued by the photographer though she made no money off it, credited him as the owner of the picture, and immediately took it off her blog when he complained.  She ended up going to court, paying for a lawyer, etc, etc.  And while this situation does not usually happen to those of us who use pictures we find lying about on the web, pictures that appear quite often on other sites, I am not willing to take the chance I too will be sued.  Not only that, but you know the dim view I take on piracy, and I am not about to be a hypocrite and steal someone else's hard work.  So at this point, I must sadly suspend Monday Man Time.  Thanks for your understanding.


  1. the girls and I will miss it, Mon. night at work was called mon. men for us. It got to be tradition at work night. But understand though.

  2. So sorry to you and the ladies! I am looking into a stock photo subscription service, so perhaps your Monday Night Men can be resumed in the future.