Saturday, June 2, 2012

When Writing Ideas Attack

Okay, so I’ve heard of this dreadful condition known as ‘writer’s block’.  At the risk of jinxing myself, I’ve not yet experienced it.  In fact, I can’t write the stories I have in my head fast enough.

I scribble down my ideas as they come to me, because I don’t want to lose any of them down the holes of this Swiss cheese matter I call a brain.  And do you know what I discovered when I looked over this list?  If I finished a book every three months, I’d have over seven years’ worth of books planned.  SEVEN FREAKIN’ YEARS!   And still the ideas keep coming.

There is, of course, the Clans of Kalquor series, which I have at least five more books planned for.  There is the proposed Clans of Kalquor Beginnings spinoff (you did cast your vote in the poll, right?).  That one is the result of a reader who suggested prequels to the original series.  My overeager mind seized on the possibilities to the point where I know what will make up most of the books. I simply can’t resist the siren song of meeting the boys as they meet each other.  And from the looks of the poll so far, more than half of you can’t either.  

I even have a few nebulous thoughts on stories from the history of Kalquor, such as the War Between the Breeds, to name one.  And what about the children of the clans?  What sort of stories might the Earther/Kalquorian hybrids have to tell?  I even got an email from a reader this morning wondering the exact same thing (waving to Diane). 

Then there are the continuing adventures of Brandilynn in the Netherworld series, which looks like it will go five books, maybe six.  A few one-offs, like Unholy Union and the upcoming The Font, want to be written as well.

A series I know for a fact I’ll be delving into next year will be one called To Protect and Service.  Interdimensional BDSM, even grittier than the Clans of Kalquor, will be offered up here, with three books already percolating in my head. 

This is only a sampling of the stories clamoring to be released upon an unsuspecting public.  A very small sampling.  My list of To Be Written only seems to grow exponentially with every book I finish.   And so it goes.

I’m not complaining about having so much inspiration.  I’m complaining that I can’t write it all fast enough.  Every idea I get demands I start on it right away, and of course I can’t do that.  Being a very impatient creature, it drives me absolutely crazy that I have to delay the gratification of writing a new story.  I’m an incredibly frustrated author, but not for the usual reasons.

It’s a terrible, wonderful, anxiety-provoking problem to have.  If I’m honest, I’ll admit I prefer too many good ideas to not enough.  But I still can’t help but wish for the muse to miss me on his next couple of rounds.

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  1. SO glad that all these ideas are running through your head.

    To Protect and Service definitely sounds interesting.