Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Saturday – The Delicious Dom

Being a writer means I get to cook up new characters all the time.  Obviously, the usual favorite character in any given book is the hero.  I have the distinct honor of putting together a man that excites me.  Who intrigues me.  Who can make my current fantasy come true.  In my case, that means an extremely alpha male, or a Dominant/Master type.  But what ingredients go into creating this delectable morsel and will make this man good enough to eat?

I have basic ingredients I use with each and every hero.  In no particular order, this is what I throw in the pot:

- An assertive personality, one which likes to be in control
- An inner strength that does not waver in the face of obstacles
- An instinctive need to protect his lover (submissive), even when that sub is perfectly capable of taking care of him/herself
- A commitment to see to the emotional and physical needs of his sub, whether it’s wanted from him or not – and even when the sub is fighting his efforts with everything he/she’s got
- Fierce devotion to a worthy cause, ideal, or person/people
- Some vulnerability that allows empathy for others’ pain

My heroes have all these qualities in varying degrees of strength.  Even the most laid-back Imdikos of the Clans of Kalquor series meet the assertive criteria in some fashion:  Flencik approving the spanking Amelia received, Egilka taking Jessica in the woods and having his way, Degorsk tormenting Cassidy with pleasure, Vax taking a stand against Bacoj de-clanning Lindsey, Krijero ruthlessly asserting his dominance over Dani.  And don’t even get me started about the Dramoks and Nobeks.
The Dom is committed to the heroine above all else, at least by the end of the story.  His loyalties might lie elsewhere when we first meet him, and they may even be in opposition to the heroine’s welfare (The Font has such a dilemma).  But when all is said and done, nothing is more important to the hero than his beloved … even at high personal cost.

Sure, the Dom might come off as a bastard at times.  In fact, I saw someone refer to the clan from Alien Slave as ‘bastards but not assholes’.  I can live with that.  Gelan, Wynhod, and Krijero are not always kind to heroine Dani.  They make no bones about exerting complete control over her, going as far as to make her their sex slave.  They spank her, chastise her, and verbally dress her down.  But there is never any doubt her welfare is of the utmost importance to them.  They risk their lives to save hers, doing everything in their power to keep her safe.  And in the end, they hand her control to her destiny, without any guarantee that destiny includes them … even though all three are hopelessly in love with her.

Assertiveness, strength, caring, commitment, devotion, and empathy.  Maybe a pinch of bastard, hold the asshole.  Add them all to the pot and stir well.  To this concoction, I add any spices I prefer to accent the story just right, and another delicious Dom is served.  Bon appetite!

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