Friday, June 22, 2012

Interview with Elisha Midyet of The Font

We are less than one week away from the release of this vampire novella.  Elisha was made a vampire about two hundred years ago.  Let’s find out more about this eternal hottie:

Q:  So how’s eternity treating you?

A:  It could be better.

Q:  Immortality not all it’s cracked up to be?

A:  Not when you’re ruled by a maniac.

Q:  Who would that be?

A:  His name is Heriolf, and his sins against man and vampire are too many to count.  He’s a cold, unfeeling killer only interested in power.

Q:  Don’t vampires usually kill their victims?

A:  We don’t have to.  It’s better if we don’t.  Too many deaths will alert the living to our presence.  Not only that, it’s simply wrong to treat people like cattle, as Heriolf does.

Q:  So you’re a vampire with a conscience?  That’s interesting.

A:  I was human before I was a vampire.  I have not forgotten what that means.  Nor have many of the others.  We have grown tired of Heriolf’s rule.

Q:  So you’re going to overthrow him?

A:  It’s not that simple.  He is more powerful than a dozen of us, perhaps more.  He has the ability to read thoughts, and his strength is unmatched.

Q:  Why is he different than the rest of you?

A:  There is a woman he keeps at his side.  We call her the Font, because she is the source of Heriolf’s strength.  She is human, but when he feeds on her, somehow her blood gives him powers beyond that of the normal vampire.

Q:  What is her name?

A:  Naya Woods.  She is the key to Heriolf’s kingdom … and his destruction.

Q:  In what way?

A:  If we can deny Heriolf his Font, then we believe his ability to read minds and destroy others with little effort will vanish.

Q:  You have plans to get rid of her?

A:  We have no choice if we are to survive.  She must be taken from the would-be vampire king.

Q:  So the plan is to kidnap, not kill?

A:  I will do whatever necessary to remove the threat and destroy Heriolf once and for all.  I do not wish to harm an innocent, if that is what she is, but no vampire can have the amount of power she grants.  We must find out what it is about her that gives her blood such power and if there are others like her.  Then we must remove the threat so that it never returns.

Q:  It sounds as if your mind is made up.

A:  If you knew what Heriolf has taken from me – from all vampires – and what he would take from the living and undead alike, you would understand.  I wish it was otherwise, but what will happen will be the best for the majority.  If Naya is a threat to us, then she must die.

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