Saturday, May 5, 2012

Interview with Levi ‘Bane’ Ward of Netherworld II: Blood Potion No. 9

The second of the Netherworld series is scheduled for release June 8.  In this installment, we meet a Beast … that is, an enforcer for Fulton Falls’ Beasts Motorcycle Club.  His name is Bane, and this werewolf isn’t quite what he seems.

Q:  So … my sources tell me you aren’t exactly the criminal element that supposedly makes up the Beasts’ membership.

A:  I have every intention of tracking your sources down and finding out how much they know about me.

Q:  Down, boy.  I have no intention of blowing your, er, um – cover.  I like law enforcement.  So you’re an ATF agent, right?

A:  That’s right.  I’m undercover with the Beasts to bust them for suspected misdeeds.

Q:  So you get to ride motorcycles, drink, and look cool…

A:  …and bust skulls, collect protection money, sell drugs, and beat the shit out of anyone who screws with the club.

Q:  Yikes.  Wait, you’re a cop and you do that stuff?

A:  Like I said, I’m undercover.  I have to play along to get the evidence we need to take these lowlifes down.

Q:  Sounds dangerous.

A:  It is.  They’d kill me in an instant if they found out.

Q:  This is getting a little grim.  Let’s change the subject.  You’re a werewolf and I must say, that translates into a much nicer looking shifter than the weregators and werehogs.   Even those furry, pointy ears are kind of cute.

A:  Most people are disgustedt by us manimals.

Q:  Not me.  I particularly like the golden eyes and fangs.

A:  The better to eat you with, my dear.

Q:  Oh!  You know, that could be taken the wrong way, Bane.

A:  Call me Levi.  And if you’re referring to me tearing you into a bloody mess, then yes, you’re taking it the wrong way.

Q:  Well, I think we should move on…

A:  I have a nice long tongue too just like a wolf.  Want to see me lick my eyebrows?

Q:  No, that’s okay.

A:   Well there are better things to lick.  Let me show you.

Q:  Whoa!  Heel, Bane!  Okay, now ankle … keep moving up … good boy.  Until June, everyone…

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