Saturday, May 26, 2012

Interview with Brandilynn Payson of Netherworld

Netherworld II:  Blood Potion No. 9 is tentatively scheduled to come out in less than two weeks (June 8).  Our lively yet dead escort Brandilynn is back to serve us some Southern-fried fun and adventure.

Q:  Hi Brandilynn.  How are things now that you’ve had some time to get used to being a ghost?

A:  I can’t complain but I still do just to keep in practice.  Do you wear those clothes out in public?

Q:  Sure.  Jeans, tank top, flip flops … what’s wrong with them?

A:  Hmm.  You’d look better in a cute little sundress with an empire waist.  Just saying.

Q:   Okay.  I remember you like clothes a lot.  I’m a mom with a very active kid, so casual and quick is what I’m stuck with.

A:  A sundress is quick.  Just pull it on over your head and there you go.  Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Q:  So how are things with your boyfriends?  Or have you picked one yet?

A:   Heavens no.  I still can’t contemplate handing one man my heart.  Okay, I’ll admit I don’t want to choose.  They’re both wonderful for different reasons. 

Q:  How are they dealing with sharing you?

A:  They aren’t thrilled, but they cope.  I hate doing this to them, I really do. 

Q:  Have you moved past your discomfort with Tristan being a vampire then?

A:  Oh boy.  You’ve got all the tough questions for me today.   At night, we kind of keep things at a businesslike level.  Sometimes he has an errand I can run or a political rival for me to spy on.  I know, the spying is totally unethical, but I get bored.  If I think what I find out is none of Tristan’s business, I don’t tell him.

Q:  So the ick factor is still in play when he’s a vampire.

A:  Don’t tell him, but yes.  He’s so cold and creepy at night!  I just can’t get past that.

Q:  So what’s keeping you busy these days besides the spying?

A:  Haunting Sanderson Cottage, where Tristan used to live.  It’s a great draw for the tourists.  They love catching a glimpse of a ghost.  I pretend I’m Rebecca Sanderson and get to wear the most scrumptious Victorian dresses.  You should stop by!  It’s a riot when the visitors scream.

Q:  Sounds like fun.  How is Dan these days?

A:  Fine, I guess.  Tristan is keeping Boyfriend 2 busy lately.  Dan is spying on the local motorcycle gang, trying to catch them being up to no good.

Q:  Is that dangerous?

A:  No, they’re all shifters.  Weres can’t see ghosts.  They do a lot of criminal activity, I’m told.  Since Tristan promised voters a drop in crime, he’s targeting the Beasts Motorcycle Club, and Dan is perfect for the job.

Q:  You don’t think Tristan assigned Dan this job to keep you apart, do you?

A:  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Those two are constantly trying to find some way to dominate my time.

Q:  And you.

A:  Oh, I like that part.  I like that a lot. 

Q:  How is Dan’s Dom training going?

A:  Very well.  He can get pretty intense once he’s in the right frame of mind.  I’m enjoying being his sub!

Q:  Is he becoming like Tristan?

A:  Not quite, though Tristan does give him pointers.  No, with Tristan, I don’t get away with anything.  He’s quick to put me in my place when I misbehave.  Dan is a little lenient, but he does have his limits when I start acting like a brat.

Q:  I can see why you’d have a tough time choosing.

A:  Exactly!  They’re both perfect for completely different reasons. 

Q:  Tristan still has his blood groupies, doesn’t he?  Is that a problem for you?

A:  It shouldn’t be.  I mean, he shares me with Dan, so I can’t naysay him having sex with his donors.  Besides, vampires can’t help but get close and personal with those they take blood from.  Blood and sex, the vampire’s one-two punch.

Q:  You don’t look happy about it.

A:  Well, of course not.  But it is what it is.  Hey, since Tristan gets to have blood groupies, maybe I can have a harem.  The auditions would be a riot!

Q:  So two men aren’t enough?

A:  Actually, I have my hands full with Tristan and Dan, thanks very much.  I might be a sex fiend, but the emotional stuff is more than I can handle sometimes.  Nope, I’ll keep it to the two.  Never let it be said Brandilynn Payson is greedy.

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