Saturday, April 14, 2012

Interview With Amelia Ryan from Alien Interludes – Hunted

If all goes well, Alien Interludes will be available April 27 from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and other distributors.  With only two weeks until this collection of short stories hits your e-readers, it’s time to talk with an old friend of ours who we’ll be seeing more of very soon.  We first met Amelia when she was a scared but resilient visitor on the planet Plasius.  Things have changed greatly since we last saw her escaping with her clanmates Rajhir, Breft, and Flencik.

Q:  Wow, has it really been a year since the events of Alien Embrace, Amelia?

A:  Time flies, doesn’t it?

Q:  What’s new?

A:  I have twins!  A boy and a girl who are now three months old.

Q:  Congratulations.  Your mates must be thrilled.

A:  They are.  You know, they surprise me.  Flencik I knew would be an amazing, nurturing father.  But Breft and Rajhir… I didn’t expect them to take to parenthood the way they have.  Sure, I knew they'd be caring and protective.  But they've shown qualities beyond those.  Both throw their dignity to the wind where the babies are concerned, making silly faces and lying on the floor to play with them.

Q:  Well, you’re in spectacular shape having given birth just three months ago.  Am I allowed to hate you?

A:  I worked myself half to death to get into shape.  Or actually, Breft worked me half to death, but I asked him to.  

Q:  What was your motivation?

A:  Someone is coming after me.

Q:  What?  Who?

A:  I don’t dare talk about it.  But I have to be ready, because he’s a ruthless hunter.  I have it all planned out; my route, false trails, and the physical training.

Q:  How dangerous a man are we talking?

A:  He’s killed with his bare hands and no trace of remorse.

Q:  But surely your clan can protect you?

A:  Not this time.  Not against him.

Q:  There is no way Rajhir, Breft, and Flencik would allow anyone to harm you.

A:  This situation is completely my doing.  I have to face it alone.

Q:  Amelia, you have to tell your clan.

A:  It doesn’t matter at this point.  Don’t worry though; I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve he’ll never see coming.

Q:  Well, be careful.  And good luck.

A:  Thanks.  I’ll need it.

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  1. something tells me that this one would be my favorite short story of the whole kalquorian antology book!
    love the interview!