Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update, March 2012

It’s that time again; I’ve moved sufficiently along on various projects to inform you of where I am with everything.  Here we go:

Netherworld:  Drop Dead Sexy:  Now available from Amazon for Kindle

Alien Slave (Clans of Kalquor 5):  Now available at New Concepts Publishing and all I can say is WOW.  You made it the Number 1 seller there within three hours of its release.  I am so grateful to you all for the support.  Thank you a million times over.

Netherworld II:  Blood Potion No. 9:  The next adventure of Brandilynn and her hotties Tristan and Dan is now under contract.  And don’t forget the hot werewolf undercover agent … rawr.  No release date yet.

Alien Interludes (Clans of Kalquor short story collection):  Finished and in the hands of my proofreader.  I anticipate sending it to the publisher for approval the beginning of April.

The Font:  Second draft.  This one is shaping up to be a novella rather than a full-length novel. 

Netherworld III:  Once Bitten, Twice Dead:  Writing the first draft. 

Alien Redemption (Clans of Kalquor 6):  We’ve finished creating Conyod and are whipping through Erybet and Sletran here in the polls.  I’ve begun outlining it and this installment is looking amazing, everyone.  A full-on murder thriller is happening here with more mayhem than ever before.  How our clan deals with it will depend heavily on your input for the characters.

Now for the bad news.  I’d like to share with you the bulletin posted on my publisher’s website.  This could affect your ability to buy my books directly from New Concepts Publishing:

What happened to all the books? Many of our books have been banned by the Morality Police. Like our contemporaries, we are no longer allowed to sell books using PayPal if they find them objectionable. Due to the graphic nature of some of our books, we can no longer sell them through the New Concepts Publishing website. We have been working toward a solution to this problem and will post new information as it becomes available.

So if you prefer using PayPal to buy from NCP, be warned you may be out of luck.  Also please also note Alien Embrace and Alien Rule have been yanked from All Romance eBooks' site because PayPal doesn't approve of them.  I anticipate the rest of my catalog may disappear as well.  Smashwords has also suffered from the PayPal crackdown, and my books' days on that site may be numbered.  Why PayPal thinks it can dictate what you spend YOUR money on, I have no idea.  One has to wonder how far away we are from Amelia Ryan’s Earth when abuse like this starts happening.  I myself have never used PayPal, and given this situation, I never will. 

As for other writing projects I’ve mentioned before, they are still ongoing with nothing new to report.  Thanks again for all the support, compliments, and just plain being there!  You readers are the best.


  1. I love paypal, but this really stinks (put nicely) I'm not impressed with them doing this. They will not tell me what I can and can't buy not there job.

    1. The most insidious part of the whole PayPal issue is they have a near monopoly on small publishers as well as indie writers. As of now, PayPal is really the only affordable option for the majority to accept credit card purchases; otherwise you're talking a sizeable chunk of money up front and a higher percentage take from each sale made.

      How overbearing is PayPal being? They actually have told merchants that mild, consensual BDSM will be considered rape and therefore subject to being in violation of their ToS. Plus, sex that involves a woman age 18 or 19 with an older man will be regarded as pedophilia ... please note that this has not been an issue for gay erotica in which an 18-year old man can have sex with an older man. So not only are they telling you what you can consider acceptable sex, they are involved in gender discrimination as well.

  2. So as to the PayPal thing...does that mean because Bella is 17 and Edward is 100 something, that they won't allow the sale of Twilight?
    There are too many holes in this mandate, I hope some publishers are lawyering-up.
    Amazon should be flipping-out because I can now buy the scandalous books at Barnes and Noble.

    1. What about the Bible? Plenty of incest happened there. It's just arbitrary in my opinion, and erotica -- already the redheaded stepchild of literature -- makes an easy target to attack.

      I really hope there's a big enough outcry to make PayPal back off. This is definitely a case of the bully pounding on the weak kids on the playground.