Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alien Interludes Announcement

As you all know, I was impacted rather hard by the PayPal censorship issue.  My books ended up being pulled from every major distributor.  Even with the dust clearing, there is plenty of ground to be made up.

Prior to the PayPal debacle, I had occasionally toyed with the idea of self-publishing.  I had a whole list of why I should venture into doing my own thing, as well as a long list of why I shouldn't.  However, after the last few weeks of standing by helplessly while my books were taken off the market, I feel I've been left with no choice.  I have to have options beyond watching my work disappear into oblivion with no idea of when or if they would return.

Alien Interludes (Clans of Kalquor Short Stories) will be self-published.  As you can see, the cover art is already done (and what fine cover art it is!).  I'm slogging my way through formatting and doing a bunch of stuff I'm not used to doing.  I'm aiming for this collection to hit Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the other distributors in early May.   I will keep you updated as I move along.  Your comments and insights are welcome, as always, but be patient with me.  I am one step above cavewoman with stone and chisel, so the learning curve is rather steep.

If this experiment with Alien Interludes goes well, I may stick with self-publishing.  That will mean getting books out as fast as I write them and being able to deal with emergencies quickly as they arise.  It could be win-win for us all.  So wish me luck ... I'll probably need it!


  1. Good luck and best wishes. From a selfish point of view, I'm glad that you're going to self-publishing as we will get your stories faster. Plus it seemed as if the distributors pulled books by publisher rather than title etc during the paypal debacle.

    I've tried to paste links for some blogs of authors who go into detail on their self-publishing journey. You may know them already but here they are just in case.
    Lindsay Buroker -
    Linda Nagata -
    Autumn Dawn -
    Jordan Summers -
    and of course J.A. Konrath -

    2 articles that I stumbled upon that I found interesting - both from M. Louisa Locke's blog -
    I think that I stumbed onto those links from some comments on this article but I can't really remember.

    SO again, best wishes and good luck, and here's to the hope that this is one of your blog titles one day.

    1. Thanks! Any info I can get is good stuff. I appreciate the links.

  2. wish you luck, I think its great