Saturday, October 1, 2011

Positions, Please

Doggy style.  The Arrow.  The Spoon.  The Cowgirl.  Missionary (or as George Carlin once put it, ‘wholesome, good ol’ man on top, get it over with quick’).  So many sexual positions one can try until you and your sweetheart are tied up like a couple of sweaty pretzels.  There’s an adventure waiting in every encounter.

I love trying them all, but I have one particular favorite, both to do and to watch.  I know of few others with such animal heat as this position.  Perhaps it’s a good one for you too.

If I’m watching a sensual film, the moment the hero puts the heroine up against the wall for raw, hungry, stand-up sex, I’m ready for my own romp.  If you’ve ever viewed such a scene and it hasn’t lit your inner fires, I’d like to check your pulse.   How can you not respond to that?  It’s spontaneous, it’s physical, and it’s wild.

 It is HOT.

I think some version of this position has shown up in every one of my books.  I’m crazy about it.  After all, what is more primal than a man shoving you up against a vertical surface, yanking your skirt up, freeing his cock, and thrusting hard inside you?  Especially if he catches you by surprise, taking you with an urgency that lets you know he’s desperate for you.  It’s glorious to know you are so desirable that you can turn your man into a rutting animal.

For those who like to roleplay the nonconsensual taking, this form of lovemaking fits the fantasy more than most.  Especially if the clothes stay on during this wild encounter.  Nothing says “I’m being ravished against my will” like mussed up clothing pulled out of the way.

For the uninitiated, against-the-wall sex can look daunting.  And indeed, your man needs to have a strong back to pull it off.  After all, it starts off with him taking your full weight.  But once you’re in position, the wall does take some of the strain off.  And if you happen to be in a tight hallway, you can help by pressing your feet against the opposite wall.  Most people can hang with it for only a short time, but those few moments of abandoned savagery are worth it.  If you and your loved one ever wanted a good reason to work out, being able to master this position fits the bill.

So, do you want to try it?  Remember, I’m not responsible if for any injuries you inflict on yourself during playtime.  You do this at your own risk.

First, get those pesky clothes out of the way.  Then your man lifts you up to get you into position (his best grip for this comes high on the thighs near your buttocks).  Lean as much of your weight against the wall as possible, and again, if you’re in a narrow hallway, prop your feet against the opposite wall.  If not, wrap your legs around him and hang on.  He should press his body up against yours to help support you against the wall, his hands cupping your buttocks to balance you.  Then let the thrusting commence.

Another option, especially if the two of you are close in height, is to have a stool or chair next to you.  Instead of your partner lifting you into the air, put one foot up on the stool.  It’s almost the same thrill without the back strain.  You’re still between a wall and a hard place, so feel free to modify for safety’s sake.

What are you waiting for?  Go grab your wild man and get ravished.  Be careful and have fun!

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