Saturday, October 8, 2011

Interview with Alien Salvation's Lindsey McInness

With Alien Salvation (Clans of Kalquor 4) to be released sometime in November, let’s take the opportunity to talk to one of the main characters, Lindsey McInness.  Lindsey and her parents Aaron and Tara survived Earth’s Armageddon.

Lindsey McInness:  Sure, if you call starving and hiding from thieving jerks ‘surviving’.

So you’ve had a rough time of it.  How are your parents holding up?

LM:  It’s been hard since Dad took a fall down a flight of stairs.  He hurt his back, so I’ve been doing the majority of the foraging.  Not that there’s anything left in Fort Lauderdale to eat.  We’ve tried fishing, but without anything to use as bait, we can’t even catch a cold these days.

I’m sorry to hear your troubles.  Things were pretty awful even before Armageddon, weren’t they?

LM:  You can’t imagine.  After my younger sister became Empress of Kalquor we had to go into hiding from Earth’s government.  They were determined to make someone pay for Jessica’s treason.

You must be angry with her for putting you in such a position.

LM:  I can’t say that.  Jess wouldn’t do anything without good reason.  Besides, for all I know, she was kidnapped and forced to go to Kalquor.  With so many contradictory rumors flying around, who knows what actually happened to her?

So you’ve got that worry on top of everything else.  She saved your life once, right?

LM:  When we were kids.  She’s a tough woman, so I have every hope she’s alive and giving someone hell.  (Laughs)  If those Kalquorians took her prisoner, you can bet they’re regretting it!  Jess has a heck of a temper.

What are your plans at this stage?  Besides the obvious of finding something to eat, that is.

LM:  Getting Dad’s back taken care of.  Finding somebody who knows what’s going on around here but doesn’t want to kill us for what few supplies we have or because they blame my sister for the war.  Finding out what happened to Jessica and rescuing her if she needs it.  Getting the hell off Earth and going to one of the colonies, maybe. 

There have been Kalquorian shuttles and transports in the air since Armageddon.  Have you seen any of the aliens around here?

LM:  No, they all seem to be going west of Ft. Lauderdale.   None have landed nearby that I know of.

What would you do if Kalquorians did show up?

LM:  I’d try to determine if they were friendly.  If so, I’d ask for food for my family.  If not, I’d steal it.

You’re hoping they’re friendly?  But aren’t Kalquorians the enemy?

LM:  Earth declared war on them, not the other way around.  If Florida is any indication, Earth is done picking on others for awhile.  Hopefully now that Kalquor has won, they’ll have the decency to help those of us who are left.

You sound bitter.

LM:  Our leaders were crazy.  They killed in the name of their religion, kept all the wealth for themselves, and left most of us begging for scraps.  My family had it better than most, but we still existed on the level of the early twenty-first century.  We lived in fear before we went into hiding; everyone did.  I have no love for my planet’s former government.  If it hadn’t meant the deaths of so many innocent people, I’d be cheering its collapse.

Just out of curiosity, if the opportunity to join a Kalquorian clan came your way, would you take it?

LM:  Hmm.  I guess it would depend.  If it would get my parents fed and healthy and in a decent home again, I might. 

Let’s say the conditions are good enough to get you to join a clan.  Wouldn’t having a sexual relationship with three men at once bother you?

LM:  Oh, no doubt.  It’s not the natural order of things at all.  But if it will save my parents, it would be worth it.

But your sister has joined a clan.  Is she morally weak for doing so?

LM:  Like I said, I don’t know how she ended up in that situation.  Even if she went into it willingly, it’s not my place to judge her decisions.  As long as she’s happy, I’m fine with it.

That’s very openminded of you for an Earther.

LM:  I never believed in Earth’s official religion.  I was raised secretly as a Buddhist.  We try very hard not to judge others.

From your tone, I guess ‘try’ is the operative word.

LM:  It’s human nature to judge, no matter what your beliefs are.  I’d say my mom is the epitome of being nonjudgmental.  Nothing bothers her.

What about your dad?

LM:  He tries, just like me.  But he’s very worried about Jessica.  I think not knowing what’s happened to her has aged him more than anything else he’s been through.

I wish you and your family luck, Lindsey.  We're looking forward to hearing more about what happens to you next month.


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