Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Hotties

Vampires and werewolves, and aliens, oh my!   Erotica is rife with these Halloween-friendly denizens, so much so that most booksellers and publishers were forced to create the subcategories of paranormal erotica and futuristic erotica.  But why do we get such a thrill from heroes who are nonhuman?

I can only speak for myself on this matter.  So here’s why I like the dark and dangerous lovers of another breed.

The Vampire:  Toothy and Toothsome

He is Death Incarnate of the nightwatch.  Cold, calculating, and looking for a meal, the vampire started off not sexually enticing at all.  Seriously, look at the movie Nosferatu and tell me you’d offer yourself willingly to that.  In the old days, when the vampire was thought to be as real as dogs and cats, no one was having breathless fantasies of succumbing to his cold, deadly embrace.  Vampires were nasty creatures, filthy from the earth they clawed out of, pasty from death, reeking of corruption.  

But through the ages, the vampire has become a sexual fantasy.  He’s acquired a haughty elegance, honed from centuries of prowling the Earth.  The bloodsucking terror is the master of seduction, determined to draw warm sustenance from his victims’ veins.  He holds our trembling bodies close in an intimate embrace.  Is it any wonder the penetration of fangs in flesh at some point translated into penetration of a more lustful fashion?

The vampire is cultured.  He is beguiling.  He is often both ruthless and tortured, a combination to make your senses whirl.  He charms us, and we sigh over the dream that we might be the ones to earn the eternal adulation of this beautiful beast.

And speaking of beasts…

The Shapeshifter:  All Animal

Where the vampire is cold, the werecreature runs hot.  He spends plenty of time as a mere person, so his humanity is intact to a greater degree.   And who isn’t turned on by the animalistic in a man?   Whether you’re cuddling in his warm fur or rutting with him like a beast yourself, the shifter has a lot to offer the adventurous.

Talk about taking a walk on the wild side.  Being half animal makes the were lover more in tune to their primal nature.   Forget doggy style.  Let’s do it wolfie style under the spotlight glare of the full moon.  Rawr.

And while you’re beneath the canopy of the star-drenched sky, the were’s claws scraping down your ribs, his sharp teeth holding you by the nape of your neck, pause to look up because our third inhuman lover is coming in for a landing.

The Alien:  Sex that is Out of this World

Once upon a time, the vampire and werewolf were human.  Not so the interstellar traveler who for whatever reason decides Earth girls are easy and he’s got to have one.

We want to have him and his kind too … you’ve made that very clear to me.  The allure of this creature is simple.   He doesn’t have our human taboos.  He doesn’t possess our hang-ups.  And he fits the kidnap fantasy so well … especially if you listen to all the stories of alien abduction that have come out through the years.  The biggest fun of the alien lover is that a writer can create him in whatever form she wishes for the delight of her readers, because we honestly don’t know what’s out there beyond our little corner of the universe.  With apologies for going pun-erific on you, ‘the sky is the limit’ when it comes to special powers and extra appendages.

Whatever your preferred otherworldly lover, I hope this Halloween treats you to the nefarious delights you hope for.  Have a very wicked one, my dears!

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