Saturday, September 17, 2011

Interview With Alien Salvation’s Dramok Bacoj

As we wait for the latest in the Clans of Kalquor series to join my publisher’s schedule, I thought it might be fun to have a conversation with one of the Kalquorians featured in that story.  Let’s meet Dramok Bacoj from Alien Salvation and find out a little bit about him.

Q:  Hi Bacoj.  It’s my understanding you’ll be going to Earth soon to help with the evacuation?

A:  Well, I’m not really involved in the evacuation itself.  I’ll be part of a team working on fallout containment around the city of Atlanta.  We’re trying to keep Earth’s air breathable long enough to get the survivors off your planet.

Q:  You’re a bit younger than the men we’ve met from Kalquor before, aren’t you?  You seem a little unsure of yourself.

A:  Most of the other clans you’re familiar with have long careers in their chosen fields already, and yes, they’re more mature.  My clan is just getting started.  We have a lot to learn yet.

Q:  But you’re old enough that you have clanned both an Imdiko and a Nobek?

A:  Right.  Imdiko Vax joined me four years ago and we clanned Nobek Japohn just two years ago.

Q:  What else can you tell us about yourself?

A:  I currently pilot a shuttle, which is also what I did during the war.  I evacuated injured soldiers to medical facilities. 

Q:  So you’re a pilot first and foremost?

A:  Temporarily.  I have a background in engineering and hope to design and build ships of all kinds some day.  I think once the emergency on Earth is over, I’ll be able to concentrate on that.

Q:  Tell me a bit about your clanmates.

A:  Vax was a chef for one of Kalquor’s best dining establishments before the war.  As an Imdiko, he’s not much of a fighter.  When my clan was drafted, they put him in charge of the kitchen on the transport we were assigned to.  He’s great, a really easygoing guy.  I’ve never had an argument with him.

Q:  So you and he are a good match?

A:  I think so, though sometimes I think Vax is too laid back.  He’s always willing to go along with whatever I say, and I worry that if something really mattered to him, he might not stand up for himself. 

Q:  And your Nobek?

A:  Japohn is … he’s tough.  Very opinionated.  He hardly ever listens to me.

Q:  Is there trouble within your clan? 

A:  No, not really (sounds unsure).  I mean, I value his insight.  He’s older than me and has more experience with the tougher issues we face.  I usually let him take the lead on more serious situations.

Q:  But as Dramok, isn’t it your place to lead the clan?

A:  Oh, of course.  It’s just Japohn has seen and done more than I have.  He was a bounty hunter before the war.  During the fighting, he was sent in to take out important targets.  He’s very sure of himself. 

Q:  What would you say is your biggest complaint about Japohn?

A:  Sometimes he’ll go off and do what he wants when I ask him not to, even if it’s reckless and puts him in danger.

Q:  Have you ever stood up to him?

A:  I guess not really.  Vax keeps telling me I should, but it’s hard to tell a big, fierce Nobek like Japohn what to do.   (Laughs)  We’re all still trying to figure ourselves out as a clan.

Q:  Speaking of clanmates, are you hoping to find a female to join yours while on Earth?

A:  A Matara?  Well, I guess everyone hopes, but I know it’s not likely.

Q:  Why not?  You’re a handsome man, and you seem very intelligent and conscientious.

A:  Well thank you, but the truth is my clan has no rank.  There are a lot of clans with real status and power helping out on Earth.  They deserve female mates more than a clan as young as mine.  I doubt any Earther female will be impressed with a lowly pilot, a chef, and a former bounty hunter. 

Q:  Maybe you’ll meet one who doesn’t care about status. 

A:  That would be nice.  Stranger things can happen I suppose.

Q:  Well, I can’t wait for Alien Salvation to come out so we can see how it goes for your clan on Earth.

A:  It should be an interesting ride.  I’m looking forward to it and hoping for a little adventure.

Q:  We have a saying on Earth, Bacoj.  ‘Be careful what you wish for.’

A:  (Laughs)  I don’t think I’m asking for trouble.  All I want is my Imdiko to stand up for what he believes in, my Nobek to listen to me for a change, a Matara to complete my clan, and a little adventure.  What’s to worry about?

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